Best Apps For Business Owners – Buyers Guide & Reviews 2021

Last Updated: February 1, 2021

Every second is precious, but for business owners, every cent is too. Reining in the costs associated with projects for existing and new clients can be tricky, especially if you don’t have the resources to hire staff for this purpose. That’s why these smartphone apps are a great solution—providing low to no-cost solutions that enable you to monitor the big picture from a handheld device.

by AGENT Staff
best apps for business owners
best apps for business owners - image source: unsplash / Jeremy Bishop

Smartphone productivity apps have become so popular—and so widespread—that it can be difficult to narrow down the ones that are the best apps for business owners; the ones that will truly make a difference and help you save time, and which will further drain your precious minutes.


Best Apps for Business Owners

This roundup of the best apps for business owners is a guide to how your phone can help you in everything from project management, personal finance and business budgeting, generation of ideas, and document-sharing.




1. Best Apps for Business Owners Review – LogMeIn



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With LogMeIn, business owners can remotely access work PCs and Macs, so that work can be carried out from home or any base away from the office. As the tag puts it, when logging in, ‘in’ means ‘wherever you need to be’. Everything you need is always at your fingertips, no matter where you are, with this smart app.

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2. Best Apps for Business Owners Review – Evernote



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This powerful note-taking app is another of the best apps for business owners as it can store photos, notes, pages, audio files, voice messages, to-do lists and more. Evernote enables users to add materials to their online notebooks, and then, conveniently, to search for or access them from a desktop or mobile device.

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3. Best Apps for Business Owners Review – Basecamp

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Basecamp gives team members a well-laid out dashboard that links to any projects or posts related to particular projects. Files and tasks, as well as a messaging system, allows members of the team to trade information, work through various project details, and also keep an eye on the overall project status as well as any of its component sub-tasks.

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4. Best Apps for Business Owners Review – Producteev

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This management app allows managers to assign tasks to employees, implement privacy settings and create sub-tasks. It provides managers and entrepreneur/owners with a particularly fluid and intelligent means of keeping tabs on any ongoing jobs, and to plan accordingly.

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5. Best Apps for Business Owners Review – Dropbox



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Dropbox is one of the vintage document sharing platforms at this stage, thanks to its ease of use whether for business or personal reasons. Its ability to easily sync important work documentation or imagery across all of a user’s devices—and also access them from anywhere—continues to make DropBox a fantastic low-cost/no-cost resource.

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