Top Electric and Hybrid Cars Costing Less Than €35,000

Last Updated: June 1, 2019

For a variety of reasons mostly relating to environmental responsibility, personal motoring is set for major change. It’s a revolution that’s already underway, with the development of a wide range of electric and, for those unwilling to abandon the internal combustion engine just yet, hybrid electric cars.

by AGENT Staff
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IN THE next two decades, humanity will experience a significant change in personal transport. Global warming, scarcity of fossil fuels, and congestion from the sheer number of privately owned cars means that motoring as we know it is unsustainable. Apart from ongoing development in alternative engine power sources such as electric, hybrid and biofuel, consider the phenomenal success of a company such as Uber—a transportation firm without a fleet—to know we’re living in a time of reset regarding our relationship with cars. Developments in electric and hybrid cars have already delivered the motoring consumer worldwide a number of alternatives to the traditional combustion engine-powered car.

Electric cars are propelled by an electric motor, powered by electrical energy stored, in most cases, in rechargeable batteries. The motors are relatively quiet, with strong, smooth acceleration, and the cars are reckoned to be up to three times more efficient than their internal combustion engine-powered counterparts.

The greatest barrier to mass market acceptance has been price, due to the cost of the electric batteries. However, a Bloomberg New Energy Finance report of February 2016 forecasts that battery costs are on target to make electric vehicles (without government subsidies) as affordable as traditional cars by 2022.

The hybrid electric vehicle, meanwhile, uses two or more distinct types of power, such as internal combustion engine with an electric motor.

While the manufacture of hybrids requires more fossil fuels, this is reportedly more than offset by the reduced emissions of the vehicles on the road. Batteries for hybrids have been the subject of debate, and only recently have major strides been made in producing batteries of significantly reduced environmental impact. Forecasts on the future for hybrids vary widely, but like their EV counterparts, the hybrid is likely to become a major player in the auto industry at some point within the next 10 to 20 years.

There are also a range of accessories for electric and hybrid vehicles, including home charging stations and and charge cables. Other popular accessories include trimmable, customisable floor mats and, especially for hybrids like the Prius, roof racks for additional storage.

Right now, there is a handsome variety of electric and hybrid cars available. Here are six models, selling for under the €35,000 price bracket.


1. Lexus CT200h

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Image Source: lexus

THE Lexus CT 200h is an alluring hybrid, introduced as a premium sport compact hatchback by Lexus in 2010. Big temptation points include the beautifully stitched leather seating and high-quality materials, and a raft of advanced technologies such as Remote Touch, 13-speaker Mark Levinson® audio and Lexus Premium Navigation.

Price: €21,995 / £17,221 / $24,898 from Lexus



2. Toyota Prius

electric and hybrid cars - Best-Electric-Cars-GB-2-Toyota-Prius

Image Source: toyota

Toyota created the Prius in 1997, and is still currently making newer models. The Prius is a full hybrid electric hatchback, has incredibly high ratings from auto-pundits who effusively hail its clean, environmentally-efficient qualities. Solid.

Price: €31,450 / £24,579 / $35,554 from Toyota



3. Vauxhall Ampera

electric and hybrid cars - Best-Electric-Cars-GB-3-Vauxhall-Ampera

Image Source: vauxhall

A thoroughly modern hybrid, the Vauxhall Ampera is enjoyable and special to own. Trouble-free motoring seems to have been the very guiding principle of its design. A hassle-free, stylish performer.

Price: €29,995 / £23,442 / $33,909 from Vauxhall



4. Chevrolet Volt

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Image Source: chevrolet

Sales of the Volt hybrid began in the US in December 2010, with European and other markets following in 2011. Chevrolet has continued to upgrade the Volt and the newest model, above, has been crowned 2016 Green Car of the Year by Green Car Journal.

Price: €33,995 / £26,616 / $38,482 from Chevrolet



5. Nissan LEAF

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Image Source: Nissan

Nissan took a giant leap for motoring when the first, deceptively unassuming LEAF rolled silently out of the carmaker’s production facilities in 2010. As the world’s first purpose-designed completely electric car, and proved that zero-emission mobility was achievable. The first non-hybrid electric car on this list, the LEAF remains a beauty. It doesn’t especially look like an electric, while reaping all the individual and collective benefits of being one.

Price: €22,490 / £17,608 / $25,458 from Nissan



6. BMW i3

electric and hybrid cars - Best-Electric-Cars-GB-6-BMW-i3

Image Source: BMW

The BMW i3 is an urban electric car developed by German carmaker BMW. The car is suited to anyone, having been created with environmental and social responsibility in mind, as well as driving pleasure. As enjoyable as it is practical.

Price: €34,990 / £27,395 / $39,608 from BMW


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