Best Gaming Mouse – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews 2021

Last Updated: June 2, 2021

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, why not go the whole hog with a customisable gaming mouse that’s suitable for your pastime. Our team has compiled the following buyer’s guide and reviews of the best gaming mouse appliances.

by AGENT Staff
best gaming mouse
best gaming mouse - image source: SteelSeries Rival 700

If you are a serious gamer, you have to commit to it if you want to excel. You may not need a professional gaming mouse, but you still need equipment that’s a cut above. You’ll need quality hardware and peripherals right across the board, taking in not only the top gaming mice but also the best gaming keyboards. There is no point investing a four-figure sum in a desktop or choosing one of the best gaming laptops if you are going to use a cheapo five-buck mouse for your gaming. But how to find the best gaming mouse? For newcomers this is not an easy question to answer.

Where and how do you even find good gaming mice, never mind the best? The good news is that numerous tech brands are actively developing the best computer gaming mouse units at a range of price points. When it comes to rounding up the best gaming mouse Razer, Asus, Corsair and Logitech are among the names to be found among the elite brands.


Gaming Mouse Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Our team has looked at some of the best peripherals available today, and compiled the following buyer’s guide and reviews of the best gaming mouse appliances for gamers. These top 10 gaming mouses are truly the cream of the crop, whether it’s the best PC gaming mouse or more customised solutions you’re seeking.




1. Best All-Round Gaming Mouse of 2021 – Steel Series Rival 700


Image Source: Amazon

The Steel Series Rival 700 is the best all-round gaming mouse in our review. Certainly the best SteelSeries mouse, this is among the very best PC gaming mice. It has long been regarded as one of the best mice for gaming among the global e-gaming fraternity .

Its innovative modular design, OLED display and RGB lighting is complemented by its tactile nature, as the only mouse on our list that vibrates, while the mouse is also completely customizable to suit any need.

It narrowly misses out on 100pc perfection only because it doesn’t have the ambidextrous design that makes the most comfortable gaming mouse for lefties as well as right-handers. But it’s still a very good mice for gaming, as opposed to a flawless gaming mouse.

Please note also that the Steel Series Rival 700 is for hardcore gamers only. You wouldn’t go for the Steel Series Rival 700 if you were on a tight budget or if you were only a casual gamer. In gaming terms, this is serious business indeed!

Amazon Customer Reviews: 294
Average Review Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars


Steel Series Rival 700 – Pros & Cons

While it tops our top 10 gaming mice list, you may need more convincing. This table of pros and cons gives you a helpful flavour of the mouse’s advantages and disadvantages.

Excellent RGB lighting effects.The non-ambidextrous design is a major letdown for such an excellent gaming mouse.
Modular design feels genuinely new & innovative.
Modules are on the expensive side for what they actually deliver.
OLED screen will have a broad appeal, especially to new gamers.The OLED screen may seem gratuitously gimmicky to more experienced gamers.
Customisable vibrating alert notifications for in-game events, updates & other situations.
The price tag is hefty. Novice gamers will have to think carefully if this is really the mouse they need at this point.
Mouse can be customised almost fully to individual needs.
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2. Best Mouse for Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Games – Asus ROG Spatha

Image Source: Amazon

Given the increasing connectivity of the virtual world, it’s no surprise that MMO games are such a phenomenon. MMOs have players numbering from hundreds to thousands, all competing in an enormous virtual open arena or world on the same server. MMO games take interaction to a new level, with players from all over the world either cooperating with or competing against one another.

Games of such scale deserve the top gaming mouses; a mouse that’s a cut above the rest. The Spatha is such a gaming mouse. This top gaming mouse from Asus ROG is notable for its beautifully solid, robust design. Despite its rugged and solid look, it is one of the most user-friendly items in this best gaming mouse overview.

This Asus gaming mouse is extremely customisable, incredibly comfortable to hold and easy to use, looks amazing with its RGB lighting, and is choc-full of hardware and software features. While it’s definitely on the pricy side, and won’t suit everyone due to its chunky size, this is definitely one of the best gaming mouse units available.

Amazon Customer Reviews: 93
Average Review Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars


Asus ROG Spatha – Pros & Cons

If you’re still making up your mind, this table outlining the pros and cons of the Asus ROG Spatha will help you make a final decision on whether to go for this gamers mouse.

Design is lovely to look at, yet solid & robust to withstand demands of the most arduous gamer.As one of the most expensive gaming mouse devices, this one needs careful consideration.
Extremely user-friendly, customisable, and crammed with hardware & software features.
Side-buttons are a little bit on the rigid side.
Arguably the most comfortable and ergonomically sensitive gaming mouse on the market… but only if you have larger hands!Quite a heavy mouse, and users with small hands may find it uncomfortable and crampy to use..
Breathtaking RGB lighting effects.
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3. Best Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse – Razer Ouroboros

Image Source: Amazon

It has been quite a surprise when reviewing the best gaming mouses for modern gamers to find how many of the most feature-rich and innovative devices fall-down on catering for left-handed players. Interesting that so many of the best gamer mouse appliances completely disregard left-handers.

Although only seven to 10 percent of the world’s population are believed to be left-handed, this is still going to create a sizeable community of gamers globally. So where are the great gaming mouse units for lefties. One company that has not been found wanting has been Razer. In 2010, Razer released the Death Adder, the first left-handed gaming mouse. While the question ‘what is the best Razer mouse’ is tricky to answer, this was regarded as the best Razer mouse for years.

[Click here to link through to the latest version, the DeathAdder Chroma, below]

As for the Razer Ouroboros, well… it looks pretty plain, and has none of the pretty RGB lighting features of other mouse contenders on this list. But, while it may not even be the best Razer mouse, its ambidextrous design assures more universal appeal than its flashier counterparts.

Overall, the Ouroboros is a winner, for left-handers and right-handers alike. This is another of the best Razer gaming mouse units. One of the best wired gaming mice, it can also be used wirelessly and is highly customisable.

Amazon Customer Reviews: 54
Average Review Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars


Razer Ouroboros – Pros & Cons

This may not be the best Razer mouse, but it’s largely positive. This has been a mixed review, so this table weighing the pros and cons of the Razer Ouroboros will be useful.

Extremely customizable & can be used wired or (without any input lag) wirelessly.The price is prohibitively high. This is not a mouse for casual gamers.
Ambidextrous design makes it ideal for all gamers.Quite complex for a gaming mouse: takes time to learn the full range of functions.
Long battery life: up to 12hrs continuous gaming.
Razer's Synapse 2.0 is one of the best mouse software systems.
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4. Best Wireless Gaming Mouse – Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

Image Source: Amazon

Developments in wireless technology have made an enormous difference in the way we live our lives, right from the earliest innovations such as the television remote control, right up to the latest breakthroughs in wearable tech such as smartwatches and the best wireless earbuds and bluetooth headphones.

Wireless tech is the very last word in convenience, and in a world, gaming, that prizes user comfort in addition to technical features, it’s no surprise to find several big-name players refining their wireless mouse offering to cater for gamers.

All told, this is probably the best Logitech gaming mouse. With its futuristic aesthetics, the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum might not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s a powerful contender for the best gaming mouse crown.

It’s elegant, user-friendly and typical of the offerings from Logitech. The wireless option really makes a difference. It’s very nice not to be bothered by trailing cables while trying to concentrate on gaming. And the unit’s Spectrum RGB lighting is quite beautiful.

This is a highly sensitive performer, is customisable and fully programmable, while its fantastic ambidextrous design means that it’s a mouse that will suit just about anyone.

Amazon Customer Reviews: 967
Average Review Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars


Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum – Pros & Cons

To help you make a decision about the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum, here is a simple outline of the appliance’s key advantages and disadvantages

LOGITECH G900 - ProsLOGITECH G900 - Cons
The Spectrum RGB lighting effects on this mouse are wonderful.The price will put this mouse beyond the reach of gamers on a budget.
Logitech's software suite is intuitive and one of the most user-friendly available.Its somewhat sharp and angular look won't be to everyone's taste.
This mouse is ultra-customizable, with fully programmable buttons.Does not come with a dock for convenient & tidy wireless charging.
The switches and sensor makes this a markedly accurate gaming mouse.
The ambidextrous design caters for every possible grip style.
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5. Best First-Person-Shooter (FPS) Gaming Mouse – Corsair M65 Pro RGB

Image Source: Amazon

First Person Shooter (FPS) games are among the most popular in the online gaming community. For those unfamiliar with the term (and where have you been??), an FPS game centres around gun or other weapon-based combat, seen from the perspective of the protagonist.

In recent years, advances in 3D and VR graphics have taken FPS games to exciting degrees of reality, and multiplayer gaming has been central to these developments. Typical and influential titles have included Doom and the Halo series.

It’s pretty important in FSP games to have extremely customisable sensitivity and tracking, and the Corsair M65 Pro, with up to 12,000dpi, delivers big time in this area. The mouse’s ‘sniper’ button feature allows for on-the-fly adjustment of sensitivity and tracking.

This, just sneaking into the top 5 gaming mice list, is the best Corsair mouse. It might not be for everyone. The design certainly won’t be to everyone’s taste, but Corsair manage to tick a few key boxes: great features, quality build and incredible value for money.

The Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) software in this unit is extremely flexible and offers a wide variety of options allowing it to be customised to pretty much any requirement and taste. Overall, gamers using the Corsair M65 Pro RGB will have a more fluid user experience than what’s available on many other mouse units at this price point.

Amazon Customer Reviews: 1,300
Average Review Rating: 4.1 out of 5 Stars


Corsair M65 Pro RGB – Pros & Cons

Corsair gaming mice are not for everyone, so you may need to consider carefully if you’re thinking of buying one. Before deciding, check out these pros and cons for a summary of the mouse’s advantages and disadvantages.

Quality of build and materials is exceptional.Design is a little disappointing.
Fantastic value for money—you really get what you pay for with the Corsair M65 Pro.CUE software system takes time and dedication to learn.
CUE software system makes it simple to customize this mouse.
'Sniper' button on the side of the mouse for 'on the fly' DPI adjustment.
Ambidextrous design caters for every possible grip style.
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6. Gaming Mouse Reviews – Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

Image Source: Amazon

This is one of the most beautifully designed new gaming mouse units we reviewed. You really can’t fault the design, but given the creative imagination it is deflating to report that the mouse is not ambidextrous. This has been among the most annoying findings in our gaming mice reviews.

This means that any of the positive features we highlight—and they are numerous—they will be of no interest to the not insignificant number of gamers who are left-handed.

With that slightly tetchy caveat out of the way at the beginning of the review, it is time to turn to the positive aspects of the Logitech G502. Because this is another recommended Logitech gaminbg mouse.

Essentially, the Proteus Spectrum is a more affordable version of the same company’s G900 Chaos Spectrum [see our review here]. Users on a budget who want a decent range of features for their money will be delighted at the ROI with the G502.

As noted above, this is a beautiful appliance to look at and, provided you’re a right-hander, an incredibly comfortable mouse to hold and use in gaming. It’s also one of the more flexible gaming mouse units, with programmable buttons that will allow for a high degree of customization to your needs and requirements.

If it was not for the non-ambidextrous nature of the Proteus Spectrum, we would have major difficulty finding any particular fault with it at all.


Amazon Customer Reviews: 2,566
Average Review Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars


Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum – Pros & Cons

If you’re interested in finding out a little bit more about the Proteus Spectrum, here’s a table of the key advantages and disadvantages to help you match the appliance with your personal requirements.

LOGITECH G502 - ProsLOGITECH G502 - Cons
Amazing value for money.Non-ambidextrous design limits its appeal to right-handers.
Design is a fantastic balance of beauty and practicality.
Superb tracking & sensitivity.
Adjustable DPI range of 200-12,000.
Programmable buttons facilitate a high degree of customization.
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7. Best Budget Gaming Mouse – Razer DeathAdder Chroma



Image Source: Amazon

If you’re a newcomer to gaming, we would advise not looking much beyond the Razer DeathAdder Chroma. This is one of the top mouses in all of gaming, because there is so little fault that can be found with it. In fact, there is but one negative point—its design, which is workmanlike in the extreme.

Thankfully, though, Razer have not rested on their laurels since becoming the manufacturer of the world’s first mouse for left-handed gamers. For while the design of the DeathAdder Chroma will not win any awards, the mouse delivers big time where it counts—in use.

Razer’s “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach applies only to the aesthetic appearance of the mouse. And even that tried and tested formula has been subtly enhanced through some incredibly cool Chroma lighting and effects.

With the DeathAdder Chroma, your money buys one of the best optical gaming mouse units. You also get easily adjustable DPI, up to an output of 10,000dpi. Along with Razer’s Synapse 2.0 customization software suite, these details make it one of the top PC gaming mice.

Its robust build and quality materials alone make it one of the best mouses. Also, taking into account its software suite and high degree of customization, you really can’t go wrong with the DeathAdder Chroma. This may be the best Razer Chroma gaming mouse ever.

Amazon Customer Reviews: 5,653
Average Review Rating: 4.2 out of 5 Stars


Razer DeathAdder Chroma – Pros & Cons

So, do you think the Razer DeathAdder Chroma might be for you? Here is a brief run through the key advantages and downsides of this product to help you make up your mind.

Design is simple & non-obtrusive.Flat design does not reflect the richness of features.
Chroma lighting effects are breathtaking.
The Razer Synapse 2.0 is a superior software system.
Optical sensor delivers up to 10,000 DPI.
Construction & materials are outstanding.
Convenient and user-friendly button-controlled customization.
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8. Gaming Mouse Reviews – Corsair Scimitar RGB



Image Source: Amazon

This is perhaps not the best MOBA/MMO gaming mouse. For that, you should check out the Asus ROG Spatha – see our review here]. However, the Corsair Scimitar RGB is arguably the best programmable mouse.

The 17 fully programmable buttons on the Corsair Scimitar include 12 mechanical buttons conveniently situated on the side of the mouse. These can be used for an extraordinarily high degree of customization that makes the mouse suitable for all tastes and gaming requirements. It very well be the best multi button mouse on the market.

However, it may have the best mouse sensor on the market. And in conjunction with the Pixart ADNS 3988 sensor, which delivers uncanny tracking, the customization options make it particularly suitable for Massive Online Battle Arena or Massively Multiplayer Online games.

This is an extremely solid, incredibly funky-looking piece of kit. True, the appearance may not be to everyone’s taste, but Corsair gets top marks for the high quality construction and materials in the Scimitar.

Amazon Customer Reviews: 268
Average Review Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars


Corsair Scimitar RGB – Pros & Cons

It may be the most programmable gaming mouse, but is it what you really need? To help you make the final decision on the Corsair Scimitar RGB, check out this pros & cons guide.

Tracking is amazingly responsive, thanks to the Pixart sensor.Some users will find the mouse too bulky for comfort.
The build & materials are top quality.Thumb buttons are a bit niche. They're not to everyone's taste.
17 programmable buttons make for a highly customisable mouse.
17 programmable buttons make for a highly customisable mouse.
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9. Gaming Mouse Reviews – Razer Naga Hex V2

Image Source: Amazon

First and foremost, this is not an ambidextrous mouse. But it’s here because it is another typically excellent product from Razer. And it’s notable for several factors that make it highly sought-after among expert gamers.

Briefly, this mouse is best for Massive Online Battle Arena games like AirMech, Battlerite and Mobile Legends. That’s because of the extraordinarily high degree of customization enabled by the Razer Naga Hex V2.

The thumb grid of mechanical buttons enables you to map keyboard shortcuts onto the mouse. The thumb buttons give a lovely tactile feel to your gaming experience. The buttons are also high quality, and won’t wear out.

Razer always scoops positive reviews for its brilliant Synapse 2.0 software suite. And the mouse’s optical sensor allows for a high degree of tracking sensitivity. So while it looks a little plain, the Naga Hex V2 has it where it counts. Subtle enhancements like its Chroma lighting effects ensure this mouse’s appeal to a wide gaming audience.

Amazon Customer Reviews: 847
Average Review Rating: 3.6 out of 5 Stars


Razer Naga Hex V2 – Pros & Cons

So what do you think? Is the Naga Hex V2 the unit that’s going to make the biggest difference to your gaming. Here is a pros and cons table to help you weigh up whether this Razer mouse is for you.

Quality build and materials from top to bottom.Non-ambidextrous design is a let-own for this device.
Wonderful Chroma lighting set-up.Overall, this is a niche product: design is suitable only for multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) gamers.
Mouse uses the great Razer Synapse 2.0 software suite.
Optical sensor delivers an amazing 16,000 DPI.
Buttons are fully customizable.
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10. Best Gaming Mouse Reviews – Corsair Sabre RGB

Image Source: Amazon

Last but by no means least on our best gaming mouse buyer’s guide, is the Corsair Sabre RGB. This would be great for someone who is impressed by an FPS kingpin like the Corsair M65 Pro RGB [see our review here], but who lacks the necessary budget.

The range of features on this mouse is pretty surprising at this price point, but given the feature-rich approach that Corsair takes to appliances across the price range, this is pretty typical of this manufacturer.

Like the more high-spec M65 Pro, the appearance of this best gaming mouse will not win design awards. However, this is an incredibly powerful performer, and it delivers ultra sensitive tracking. The mouse can be customised to anyone’s taste quite easily.

The adjustable RGB lighting rig and other features help the Corsair Sabre RGB deliver great value for money.

Amazon Customer Reviews: 323
Average Review Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars


Corsair Sabre RGB – Pros & Cons

Here is a brief run-down of the major advantages and drawbacks of the Corsair Sabre RGB. This will help you decide whether the Corsair Sabre is the best gaming mouse for you.

Affordable price point & incredible features at this range.Solid design but rather uninspiring.
CUE software suite allows a high degree of customization.
Amazing RGB lighting (also customizable using the CUE suite).
Excellent DPI options for a mouse in this price range (up to 10,000 DPI).
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Gaming Mouse Buyers Guide

Buying a gaming mouse is an incredibly subjective thing. And the opinion on what is the best gaming mouse really differs from forum to forum. That makes it impossible to pick out one single mouse as ‘the best gaming mouse’. There is a multiplicity of factors at play when choosing the one that’s best for YOU. It will not necessarily suit another person shopping for a gaming mouse at the same time. Here are some key FAQs to consider when you are trying to find the best gaming mouse.


Gaming Mouse FAQs – How Important is Grip?

It is very important, and like most of the factors that will determine the best gaming mouse, almost completely subjective. For example, the mouse at the top of our list in this post (and remember, this is not in the order of preference, but a little more random than that) is the Steel Series Rival 700. It is unquestionably one of the best gaming mice; with an innovative, modular design and extras such as an OLED screen, amazing lighting effects… but the best? Well, possibly not if you’re left-handed, because this mouse is a right-handed design only.

And as for left-handed versions, take a look at the debates that rage about them on Reddit and other forums. It’s a really divisive issue, then. We’ve tried to steer a compromise by including a range of devices, including righthand, lefthand and ambidextrous devices. So ultimately, what is the most important consideration for a left-handed player? Is it the incredibly lights, bells & whistles functionality of the Steel Series Rival 700? Or is it the ambidextrous design of the Corsair M65 Pro RGB, which caters for every grip style imaginable from left- and right-handed players, but wouldn’t have the same range of attractive features as the Steel Series mouse.


Gaming Mouse FAQs – What Different Types of Grip Are Available?

There are numerous types of grips available for mouse appliances nowadays. But broadly speaking there are three different categories—the palm grip, the claw grip, and the fingertip grip.

  • The typical palm grip mouse is closest to the traditional mouse you’d use with an office desktop computer. The user’s hand covers the entirety of the mouse, and also rests the palm on top of it. This is the type of grip favoured by those who are prone to hand and wrist fatigue. The best Corsair palm mouse units featured here are good gaming mouses examples.
  • A claw grip mouse is a development of the palm grip mouse design. However, there are some pretty significant tweaks. The design of the claw grip mouse will arch the middle and index fingers backwards. This forms a perpendicular angle that’s suitable for frequent clicking. It’s most suitable for games where you want particularly good stability of the mouse base.
  • fingertip grip mouse is like the mirror image of the claw grip mouse. It’s most suitable for users who require greater accuracy over short movements. Only two fingers and the thumb are in contact with the mouse. The rest of your hand stays in the air.


Best Gaming Mouse FAQs – What Are Sensors?

The modern mouse has two types of sensor – optical and laser sensor. The optical mouse uses an LED light to illuminate the surface, while the laser mouse uses a small laser. Both types of mouse make use of CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) sensors. These tiny lo-res video cameras photograph the surface the mouse is placed on, to determine its movement.

Generally speaking, the optical mouse is suitable for the greatest variety of surfaces. It’s a good mouse for gaming as it performs well on even the roughest surfaces. However, if a laser mouse is placed on a reflective surface, it will return a truly excellent and unbeatable DPI.


Gaming Mouse FAQs – How Important is DPI in a Gaming Mouse

DPI stands for dots per inch. If your mouse delivers 1,000dpi, moving it one inch will move the cursor 1,000 dots or pixels on the screen. Therefore, the higher the DPI, the more sensitive the mouse is. Moving your mouse just by an inch can propel the cursor through, across or around vast areas of screen space.

While DPI is significant, it is absolutely not essential to have a high DPI for gaming. Even the cheapest modern mouse will have a typical DPI of 1,600. When you go above this, it becomes difficult to control the cursor.

FPS gamers tend to go for a low DPI, even as low as 800. Low DPI allows for ultra-precise movement of the cursor or pointer or crosshair. Typically, GPS gamers will put some time into researching the best gaming mouse pads. Gamers who use low DPI tend to go for larger mouse pads that enable greater arm and hand movement.


Gaming Mouse FAQs – Are Programmable Buttons Essential?

The short answer is ‘no’, but the longer answer is probably more informative. It really depends on the degree of customization you wish your mouse to have. If you’re happy to use your mouse in conjunction with keyboard hotkeys, then it won’t make much difference to you.

However, fans of programmable buttons maintain that they make for more exciting gameplay. The more buttons you have, the more hotkeys can be mapped onto your mouse. Programmable buttons are useful for FPS or martial arts games, or any game that requires swift actions or reactions. They tend to rank highly among the top rated gaming mice.


Gaming Mouse FAQs – How Important is Brand?

Gaming mouse brands cannot be counted out. There may be an outside chance of finding the best mouse for gaming from a generic no-name brand. But it’s doubtful that you’ll get that lucky, or that the mouse would have much durability

These products come from the best gaming mouse companies, including Steel Series, Corsair, Logitech, Asus ROG and Razer. Their names are synonymous with reliability and excellence, even at the cheaper end of their respective product scales.

For instance, the Corsair Sabre RGB has the lowest price point of any of the best gaming mouse devices on the market at present. There are not a lot of factors separating the Corsair Sabre RGB from its much higher budget brand-mates, the Corsair M65 Pro RGB or the Corsair Scimitar RGB.

What distinguishes them from other top ten gaming mice available, is features of interest to more experienced gamers. Novices or newcomers to gaming will probably find that the budget Corsair accessory is sufficient for their needs. Veterans would probably find it a little lacking. However, gamers will always go for quality and durability for their accessories.


Best Gaming Mouse – Customer Ratings

We compiled the following report from an analysis of Amazon customer reviews and ratings for each product. This table gives an idea how consumers rate the units that we rated as the best gaming mouse appliances. This table illustrates how typical shoppers rate the units, not just what our opinion is. It gives you another insight into what makes the top rated gaming mice. For instance, for customers, the best rated gaming mouse was the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum. That was at Number 6 on our list.



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  2. I have seen so many gaming mouse which is very comfortable for playing a game with comfortably. But I used Logitech which is more features. So go for it.

  3. Hello, I just wanted to say that you created a wonderful blog concerning the keyboards I think I would go with the wired mouse Due to the fact that they seem to fit my needs greater and tend to last longer in my experience, but I have a question do you think that prices always correlate to the quality of a mouse? Anyways keep up writing! Finn McLaren

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