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Last Updated: September 1, 2019

Learning a second, third or even fourth language—having at least two is regarded as essential in modern business—is no longer the arduous undertaking it was. These 10 of the best language apps open up huge possibilities, allowing people to not only learn on the move, but have fun while doing so.

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best language apps
best language apps review - Image Source: Rosetta Stone

In this increasingly globalised business world, having the ability to fluently communicate in more than one or two languages is a major bonus. The difficulty for entrepreneurs, of course, is finding the time to do the necessary studies. But the great news is that for anyone who wants to expand their communications prowess, the world of hand-held communication has no shortage of online solutions, with the best language apps providing fantastic low-cost or free means of receiving quality language tuition on the move.

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10 of the Best Language Apps on Amazon

So now that your iPhone is safeguarded from accidental damage, let’s get back to the gamification and other fun techniques at the core of these educational apps, which make the process of learning more fluid and enjoyable. Here are just 6 of the best language apps currently available from the Amazon App Store.



1. Best Language Apps Review – DuoLingo

Image Source: Amazon

The free, fun DuoLingo app, which is billed by its makers as college-quality education in languages, is one of the best examples of learning through gamification. DuoLingo enables you to learn Spanish, French, German, Portugese, Italian and English in a fun and engaging way.

You win and lose hearts for correct or incorrect answers, and advance through your completion of achievable, bite-sized, short-burst lessons, and the app keeps a track of your progress.

DuoLingo is acclaimed for its constant updating of the app to improve the learning experience for the user. With DuoLingo, it would be difficult to imagine how you could put an iPhone to better use!

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2. Best Language Apps Review – Rosetta Stone

Image Source: Amazon

The Rosetta Stone provides language tuition in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish, among 24 languages, and the app provides free access to the first lesson in any one of these 24 language courses.

Users will benefit from proprietary speech-recognition technology, and there is seamless progress-syncing across mobile devices. When you have assessed the effectiveness of the introductory lessons, you can then investigate becoming an Enterprise and Education Rosetta Stone Foundations client, with full access to all Rosetta Stone content.

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3. Best Language Apps Review – Memrise

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The Memrise app brings all of the power of the full desktop site, adapting it for fun, engaging, on-the-go learning not just of languages but also geography, history, science, pop culture and anything else you wish, through crowd-source imagination. Memrise works by using ‘mems’, fun and imaginative ways to remember a word of phrase that will unlock a trove of information about the subject in your memory.

The app encourages you to plant these memories and grow them in the garden of your long-term memory, then ‘water’ them at intervals designated by the app’s algorithms to ensure you retain the memories and can reach them.

Among the language learning supported by Memrise are English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Swedish, Polish and Finnish.

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4. Best Language Apps Review – Mango Languages

Image Source: Amazon

Mango prepares learners for realistic conversations across a range of more than 70 world languages, strengthening everyday communication skills in all of these languages. If you wish to learn more than one lesson, which you will be able to sample on the app, you can contact Mango for further access to its 70+ languages or 21 English courses.

The app plays all phrases at two different speeds: regular conversational rate and a slower enunciated pace, and encourages you to perfect pronunciation using phonetic pop-ups and a voice comparison feature. Mango also has Grammar and Culture notes to provide the user with more contextual and well-rounded knowledge with this great on-the-go learning app.

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5. Best Language Apps Review – Learn Spanish for Beginners

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The ‘Learn Spanish for Beginners’ has an entire suite of activities that you can use to learn how to speak Spanish, including lessons & courses, audio, quizzes and other activities, all covering the essentials such as the alphabet, phrasing and phrases, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and much more.

There are no fewer than 27 classes to choose from, so you will be able to pitch your learning more precisely using lesson standards that range from novice to professional.

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6. Best Language Apps Review – Learn Italian for Beginners

Image Source: Amazon

Like ‘Learn Spanish for Beginners’, this app is by Zeemish Studios, and has lessons, courses, audio, activities, quizzes and other features that make learning the Italian language a fun and engaging experience.

Zeemish Studios have ensured that this app will be suitable for all ability levels, by providing some 27 classes in Italian that users can pitch their skills against, from novice to professional.

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7. Best Language Apps Review – Little Pim Language Learning For Kids

Image Source: Amazon

Future Today Inc’s Language Learning for Kids app is a fantastic resource if you want to introduce the younger members of your family to the language learning skills that have become increasingly important in today’s fluid and fast-moving world.

Little Pim is regarded as the leading language learning program for children, making it fun and easy for them to learn a second language.

This free app introduces kids to a host of editorial-reviewed content, and allows them to search the content and playback a range of video instruction.

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8. Best Language Apps Review – JW Language

Image Source: Amazon

JW Language is actually an official app by the Jehovahs Witness organisation, used to help language learners improve communication skills in the ministry.

It’s also one of the most popular language learning apps, providing instruction in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, German, Malay, Myanmar, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

The app, which is constantly updated, includes audio phrases in any language, picture-based vocabulary-building, game-based learning, and there is ongoing development work on new tools for language learning.

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9. Best Language Apps Review – ChineseSkill

Image Source: Amazon

Inspired by DuoLingo, the ChineseSkill app produced by 王主龙 is designed for anyone with an interest in learning or developing their use of the Chinese Mandarin language.

The app provides Chinese (Mandarin) language learning including vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and handwriting, through game-based activities that make it fun and easy for users to engage with and retain.

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10. Best Language Apps Review – Learn Japanese Free Offline

Image Source: Amazon

Learn Japanese Free Offline is an app developed by KidsTube that will allow learners of all abilities and ages to learn effective use of the Japanese language.

The app has some 1,088 common phrases in Japanese, free, with sound, and it’s possible to use all of these without connectio to a network—extremely useful if you travel extensive and want to learn Japanese while on the move.

To western ears, Japanese is one of the most challenging languages, as it involves pronunciation of many unfamiliar sounds and patterns. However, the app is a great introduction to this aspect of the language, as it places so much emphasis on pronunciation and listening, as well as other features such as vocabulary, grammar, conversation and stories, to name but a few.

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  1. I use Memrise for loads of things; it’s a great app, but for me it’s probably been most useful in helping me to learn a decent amount of conversational Polish.

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