Best List App of 2019 – Buyers Guide & Reviews

Last Updated: June 1, 2019

If you have a multi-faceted and busy workload, the answer to your organisational prayers is no further away than the iPhone in your pocket. These 8 great List App downloads will help you to meet the demands of the busiest and most varied daily work schedules.

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Keeping to-do lists is one of the secrets to a really well run business. These business to-do lists are particularly important in smaller enterprises where personnel and management tend to operate in multiple roles, and when the daily tasks necessary for each role can easily be swamped if they are not carefully tracked and monitored on a regular basis. But there is a great way out with best List app software and best productivity apps that allow you to get your business and personal schedules more organised, using no more than the smartphone in your pocket.


Best List App Review 2019

The app store on Amazon has some fantastic List App and To Do Apps options that will help you stay on track at all times. Here are 6 of the best list app suggestions, to help you get organised.




1. Best List App Review – Remember The Milk



Image Source: Remember The Milk / Amazon App Store

Remember The Milk is an impressively smart, and free, to-do app for those with busy routines. Let the app remember tasks for you, through email, text, IM, Twitter, and mobile notifications. Remember The Milk will also give you the ability to share your lists with and assign tasks to others. A serious contender for the title of best list app for iPhone.

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2. Best List App Review – Wunderlist


Image Source: Amazon App Store

Wunderlist is a free simple task manager and to-do list app that helps you progress through your workload with ease. Whether you’re sharing a grocery list with a loved one, working on a project, or planning a vacation, Wunderlist makes tasks easy to complete. An aptly named list app, then!

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3. Best List App Review – OneNote



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Microsoft Corporation’s OneNote is a great free app that is effectively a digital notebook, containing all your to-do lists and items, meeting notes, project or even vacations plans, or anything else that you want to organise or remember. OneNote allows you to type quick notes, and even record audio or save images, keeping it in one place and, the best part, syncing it across all devices, whether PC, Mac, Windows Phone, iPhone or iPad. You can also access your notes via the site on a regular internet browser. OneNote has great sharing functionality too, so it’s a great place for brainstorming with your team.

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4. Best List App Review – Evernote



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Evernote has attracted glittering reviews from users world wide, and acclaimed reviews form sources ranging from The New York Times — “Evernote… is the place you put everything… don’t ask yourself which device it’s on: it’s on Evernote” — to PC Mag, whose writer describes the app as “an indispensable tool”. With Evernote, you can write notes and capture ideas as searchable notes, checklists and to-do lists, in a variety of formats, including text, sketches, photo, video, audio, PDFs, web image clippings and more. With EverNote you can scan anything, including printed documents and business cards, handwritten notes and sketches, and collect and curate them, attaching other relevant Microsoft Office suite documents, PDFs and images. Evernote can be synced anywhere, making it as ideal for personal use as for the office.

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5. Best List App Review – Evo Wallet Money Tracker



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This free money-tracker is a fantastic personal finance application that helps you keep track of the balances of all of your money accounts, anywhere, any time. It’s easy to use, thanks to its sleek, simple layout, an integral cash calculator and calendar function. You’ll be able to use your phone’s camera to snap each transaction receipt, while the intuitive user interfact enables you to scroll and view both income and outcome money transactions separately. Input is clean, fast and easy, and even allows you to enter zero-amount transactions for editing at a later stage. The app’s multiple accounts feature allows you to easily monitor a variety of financial fields, including cash in-wallet, bank accounts, credit/debit cards, project expenses, events & activities budgets, and more.

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6. Best List App Review – iNotes



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iNotes is a fantastically user-friendly notes app that enables you to store all your notes and synchronise them across Mac/iOS and Android devices. You be able to set up sub-labels as folders, easily share and delete notes, and use it in conjunction with iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and 163 mail only. While it does not have as many features as some of the other Lists apps in this review, sometimes simplicity is best when you’re dealing with significant amounts of written notes and documentary materials. .

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  1. I don’t remember who introduced me to iNotes, but I owe them a big debt of gratitude. It lacks some of the bells and whistles of other apps, but it’s so simple that it’s difficult to imagine iNotes ever letting you down.

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