Best Meditation App Options for iPhone in 2021

Last Updated: February 1, 2021

In the fast-paced modern business world, the stress-reduction and clarity-boosting benefits of meditation have never been more urgent. However, if you have an iPhone or smartphone, the practice has never been more accessible. Here are the best guided meditation apps available on iTunes.

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The best meditation app solutions are so easily available and user-friendly that it is easy to take them for granted. It has to be remembered that some of the world’s most successful leaders use techniques such as Transcendental Meditation to reset their brains amid the daily rush.

Some of the highest profile and most successful advocates of Transcendental Meditation include broadcaster Oprah Winfrey (who introduced it to her production team, and reported that their productivity soared); investment banker Ray Dalio; and Tupperware chief executive Rick Goings, who revealed that he uses TM because it “burns off stress […and] gives me fresh eyes to clarify what’s really going on and what really matters”.

For iPhone and smartphone users, meditation in 2021 is relatively easy, thanks to the huge range of free or attractively priced options available in the Amazon app store.  In fact, meditation has never been more accessible. All you need is the discipline to clear time every day to experience its full benefits.

A good pair of quality headphones will help you appreciate the audio, including best-sellers from Beats by DreHarman/Kardon, and Bowers & Wilkins. And of course, it’s always a good idea to protect your iPhone with a quality case.


Best Meditation App Review

So, if you are all sufficiently equipped to enjoy the guided app meditation revolution, here is AGENT’s pick of the best meditation app solutions for iPhone.

1. Best Meditation App Review – Relax Melodies Premium

Image Source: amazon

Relax Melodies Premium is one of the best selling meditation assistance apps on Amazon, and this upgraded version has no fewer than six amazing sleep and relaxation categories. A number of the guided meditations have been tweaked to make them more relevant to specific sleeping requirements. This app now streamlines meditations, there is no longer any requirement to download them. There are some 108 ambient sounds to choose from, including six binaural beat frequencies, to help you relax and meditate.

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2. Best Meditation App Review – Calm


Calm is another fantastic app for guided meditation. It is a simple mindfulness meditation app that will bring more clarity, joy, and peace of mind into your life regardless of where you are.

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3. Best Meditation App Review – Headspace

Image Source: iTunes

Smart, slick and distinctive, Headspace  is yet another of the best guided meditation apps. It can help you to improve focus, exercise mindful awareness, relieve anxiety and reduce stress.

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4. Best Meditation App Review – Spiritual Me

Image Source: iTunes

Spiritual Me is a free guided meditation app designed to promote relaxation and mindfulness. The app leads the user through a series of exercises designed to help heighten awareness of the emotions and the self. Mindful meditation techniques will help you to reduce stress and anxiety and improve cardiovascular health. Like the body, the spirit requires regular maintenance, care, and attention, and this helps you to make the ‘me time’ required for focused de-stressing of the mind and refreshment of the soul.

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5. Best Meditation App Review – The Mindfulness App

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Whether you are just starting out in meditation or experienced in the practices, The Mindfulness App will help you towards the ultimate goal of meditation — to ‘be here now’ and become more present in your daily life.

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6. Best Meditation App Review – Buddhify

Image Source: amazon

Buddhify is the mindfulness app for your modern life. Practical, playful and beautifully-designed, buddhify increases your wellbeing by teaching you mindfulness-based meditation on the go.

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7. Best Meditation App Review – Aware

Image Source: amazon

With scientifically proven mindfulness meditation techniques, Aware is your guide towards a new way of living, in which you have constant awareness of the present. Daily mindfulness meditation sessions are the cornerstone of Aware, and once you have completed the seven-day foundation course, there is an option to upgrade to premium for access to themed courses designed to help you tackle stress, anxiety, depression, focus, relationships and more. Each course comes with short guided meditation exercises that can be practiced at any time of the day.

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8. Best Meditation App Review – Relax Lite: Stress & Anxiety Relief

Image Source: amazon

Relax Lite is another app that will help you clear the way towards making time for exercises to help you rest, relax and reduce anxiety. Through meditation and mindfulness practices, Relax Lite is proven to provide effective stress relief in five minutes, through a series of guided breathing exercises that use calming music to promote relaxation. This is the free version of Relax – Stress and Anxiety Relief by Saagrara and includes only the beginner level of the structured breathing course, but it’s a fantastic primer.

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  1. I tried to find some good meditation app also, but I didnt find any, therefore I created my own iOS – iPhone, iPad application EUPHORIA : INFINITY LOOP www (dot) euphoriaiosapp (dot) com which use harmonization symbol – figure eight and which totally calm my mind before/during meditation – this app is very simple but effective – beauty in simplicity.

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