Best Wireless Earbuds – Buyers Guide & Reviews 2021

Last Updated: June 2, 2021

Calling all audiophiles! If you listen to music or podcasts on the go, our best wireless earbuds reviews will help you choose quality wireless earbuds from the brand leaders in audio tech & accessories.

by AGENT Staff
best wireless earbuds
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Wireless earbuds are very useful if you like listen to music while you work out. Cables can be very annoying and they have a tendency to get in the way while you are exercising in the gym. Prices in this list of best wireless earbuds range from inexpensive to expensive. We hope this list of best wireless earbuds helps you pick out your prefect pair.


Best Wireless Earbuds 2021 – Reviews

Here is a our team’s list of the best wireless earbuds on the market. It’s a comprehensive trawl of available products, and drawn from right across the price range, but all delivering outstanding sound quality and maximum utility for on-the-go listening. They will also be one of the best gadgets you could think of buying for the audiophile in your life.




1. Best Wireless Earbuds Review – Jaybird x3 Sport

Image Source: Amazon

The Jaybird X3 wireless headphones may be tiny, but they pack a hugely powerful punch, with incredible sound quality and amazing functionality, but a level of comfort that is simply unbeatable.

These are the third incarnation of Jaybird’s X series of wireless headphones, and they’re such a culmination that it’s difficult to see how they could be improved.

Number of Customer Ratings: 3,273
Average Rating: 3.3 out of 5 stars

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Design: Jaybird X3 wireless earbuds are not truly wireless (that is, each earbud is connected to the other by a wire), but they are truly outstanding. The design is skinnier than its X2 predecessor, the three-button remote is within the whether wire, and the batteries are in the earbuds themselves. There are removable fins on the earpieces, and keeping them on helps the buds stay in position. However, the fins can be removed.

Sound & Isolation: It’s much easier to get a good, effective seal with the Jaybird X3, and this, combined with improvements to the drivers, mean you will get excellent detail across the sound spectrum, and very punchy bass. There’s a bit of distortion at full volume, but we found that around 75-80% volume with these babies was plenty! For fine tuning, the Jaybird MySound App—which works on both iOS and Android—enables you to customize the sound to your preference.

Battery & Features: Charging is very easy, via a small interface clip that fits onto the in-line remote. You will get about eight to 10 hours of playtime with these earbuds, so with regular use they’ll require charging one every five days or so. One bad thing about the battery/charging set up is that if you lose the charging clip accessory, you’re in trouble. There is no other way to charge these, so please look after it! This earbud set uses Bluetooth 4.1 and you’ll have no difficulty to pairing with Android or iOS devices.

Summary: We liked the Jaybird X3 wireless earbuds. Send is very good, connectivity is great, and battery life is excellent, although you must keep a close eye on your battery charger accessory. While they’re a tad larger than the X2, they’re pretty easy to fit, and you’ll have no difficulty using these for gym work or running/jogging.

Jaybird X3 Sport - Our Verdict
This was probably the best all-round set of wireless earbuds that we reviewed for this post. Any quibbles we have are minor. The Jaybird X3 Sport is a winner!
Jaybird X3 Sport - ProsJaybird X3 Sport - Cons
Sound and design are excellent, and battery life too is well above average. The MySound App is excellent for audiophiles, while the connectivity is second-to-none.The only real criticism we have of these is that they're slightly bulkier than the X2, and the battery charging accessory was a bit of a lapse in judgement.



2. Best Wireless Earbuds Review – Senso ActivBuds S-250 Bluetooth Headphones

Image Source: Amazon

The Senso ActivBuds Bluetooth headphones pick up some amazing reviews from audio pundits, and it’s little surprise. For their price, they are reckoned to be among the best performing earbuds on the market. Some users enthuse that they’re as good as wired headphone or earphone models from some of the better known players in the headphones market.

Number of Customer Ratings: 28,197
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Design: These are a very stylish looking pair of earbuds, and on the basis of looks and feel alone, it’s hardly surprising that they’re among the best selling earbuds in the world.

They have a nice, no-frills design, and while the ear hooks don’t themselves ‘lock’ the earbuds in place, there are three sets of earbuds that will help you find the perfect fit for your Senso ActivBuds and hold them firmly in place.

As they’re sport headphones, you’d expect these to be waterproof and sweat-proof, and so it proves, with a waterproof rating of IPX7. You won’t be able to swim with the, but they’ll definitely protect your earbuds from rain.

A large multifunction button on the right earpiece enables you to power on and off the earbuds and pause and play music. There are also two smaller buttons that enable you to adjust volume or (by means of press and hold) skip tracks forward and back.

Sound & Isolation: The sound quality of Senso ActivBuds S-250 earbuds is pretty remarkable for the low-to-medium end price point. The sound is very clear, and there is an airy, ambient feel to the bass, and punchy, crisp and clear tones right across the sound spectrum. They have CVC 6.0 noise suppression, so outside noise will not disturb your listening experience.

Battery & Features: If it came down to battery life alone, the Senso ActivBuds S-250 earbuds would probably have a spot on the winner’s podium, to say the very least. There’s a micro USB charging port, so no hassle with fiddly proprietary accessories, and a full charge, which takes around 1-2 hours, will get you playback time of around eight hours, and standby time of a whopping 240 hours.

If you’re not monitoring your battery life, you get a voice reminder in your earpieces when battery life is running low, which is a nice touch, and the screen of whichever device you’re paired with will also display a small icon for battery life remaining in the earbuds.

This earbud set comes with Bluetooth 4.1+EDR, so there’ll be no conflict with your 4G phone—whether iOS or Android—and it will also be more power-efficient. The connection is incredibly solid too. There will be absolutely skip-free wireless connection at up to 30 feet from your source, and it’s compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices, so you’ll be able to connect with two smartphones simultaneously.

Summary: We thought these were very good indeed for a set of wireless earbuds at a price point lower than $50. Sound may not be audiophile perfect, but it’s absolutely ideal for sports or working out, battery life is solid, connectivity is superb, and these are a pleasure to use.

Senso ActivBuds S-250 Bluetooth Headphones - Our Verdict
Available these days for less than $50, Senso ActivBuds S-250 earbuds are a bargain. We would recommend them without hesitation. They're also user-friendly, durable and lightweight yet robust enough for serious usage during workouts on the road or in the gym.
Senso ActivBuds S-250 - ProsSenso ActivBuds S-250 - Cons
Sound is excellent at this price point, battery life is solid, and Bluetooth 4.1 gives efficient and effective connection. CVC 6.0 noise suppression is a nice touch too.Maybe a little bit bulky for some tastes, and the function buttons are a little bit fiddly and 'sticky' to get accustomed to at first.



3. Best Wireless Earbuds Review – Bose SoundSport Wireless

Image Source: Amazon

Bose Sound Sport wireless headphones are a dream combination of punchy audio with design aesthetics that deliver comfort and stability. Made from soft silicone material that’s shaped for a secure fit, these earbuds also connect to your device easily, while you also have a funky little inline mic and remote combi to control volume, find the tracks you want, and even take calls.

Number of Customer Ratings: 4,071
Average Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars

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Design: Bose is one of the most solid and reliable audio brands in the world, and the design of these earbuds is at first glance a little bit surprisingly bulky. However, once fitted, the light weight of just 0.64oz means that you’re hardly aware they’re there at all. Control is by means of the inline remote, and you’ll be able to take calls, skip tracks and control volume without the need to take your phone out of your pocket. Bose’s Stay Hear+ tips are specially designed for comfort and stability. Made from soft silicone material, their unique shape helps to provide a secure fit that’s both comfortable and also stable, regardless of whether you’re working out or not.

Sound & Isolation: Sound is pretty decent for Bluetooth. It’s definitely not as good as wired Bose headphones, but that is the nature of wireless. There is a little clarity missing at the high end, bass is a little disappointing, but the mid-range is excellent. The headphones actually do a much better job in terms of sound when you’re actively jogging or running out of doors, rather than listening statically indoors.

Battery & Other Features: The lithium-ion battery in these earphones delivers up to 6 hours per charge, which we thought was a little bit disappointing, both for a product at this price point, and for an audio brand of the renown of Bose. It’s not bad. We just expected a little more. Connectivity couldn’t be easier, really, thanks to the voice prompts through the earbuds and Bluetooth and NFC pairing. The Bose Connect app also makes it easier for you to control and switch your headphones between a multiplicity of devices. However, there are reports that the connection is not quite as stable as some users would like.

Summary: All in all, despite some of the shortcomings in terms of sound and the battery life, these make it onto our list of the best wireless earbuds of 2021 by virtue of their comfort and ease of use.

Bose SoundSport Wireless - Our Verdict
These are pretty good across the board. Although they have a bit of bulky appearance, they fit very well indeed. The sound is disappointing for bass reproduction and although they pair swiftly, their connection is a bit fitful. However, their battery life is very good, and they're proofed against sweat and splashes of water (but not swimming).
Bose SoundSport Wireless - ProsBose SoundSport Wireless - Cons
Design and fit are very good despite bulky appearance. Their battery life is truly excellent, and they're certified IPX4, so you'll have no worries about sweating during workouts, or splashes of water if running in the rain.The sound is a little bit light on the bass—disappointing for a brand like Bose—and while the connectivity is good in principle, we found it a little bit unstable during testing, especially given their premium price point.


4. Best Wireless Earbuds Review – SoundPEATS Bluetooth Magnetic Earbuds

Image Source: Amazon

These are pretty much flawless Bluetooth earbuds, delivering crystal clear sound with a punchy mid-range and bottom, and they sit comfortably and securely in your ear. These SoundPEATS earbuds connect to either iPhone or Android with ease. Great sound, and lovely functionality. A perfect package!

Number of Customer Ratings: 193
Average Rating: 3.1 out of 5 stars

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Design: SoundPEATS V4.1 Wireless Earbuds have emerged as a serious contender in the ‘truly’ wireless earbuds market, and a viable competitor to Apple’s EarPods. With Bluetooth 4.1, this is a fast and energy-efficient connection without the hassle of cables, and it also comes with CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology, a very big selling point with audio enthusiasts. They’re lightweight at just 0.48oz, and designed to fit unobtrusively in the ear, and they’re supplied with five ear tips of varying sizes to suit a variety of ear sizes. There’s a built-in microphone which is fantastic for hands-free calling.

Sound & Isolation: The quality across the sound spectrum is pretty good for truly wireless earbuds. There is also CVC 6.0 Noise & Echo Cancellation technology, which filters the outside noise to enhance clarity and ensures your enjoyment of the music, and lack of interference with voice calls.

Battery & Features: A full charge for these takes 30 minutes, and that’s sufficient to give you around two full hours of listening time. You can use them either in stereo for music, or utilizing a right earbud only mono configuration for phone calls, to conserve energy. We also like the portable power bank these earbuds are supplied with, which not only provides a decent little storage base, but also enables you to keep your earbuds fully charged when you’re away from the office or home. You will get 15 full charges for your earbuds with this case when fully charged. A great feature. Bluetooth connectivity is great, thanks to Bluetooth 4.1, and you’ll be able to connect with Bluetooth enable devices up to 30 feet away.

Summary: These are a very desirable set of wireless earbuds.They’re beautifully designed and the sound quality is very good. They pair easily with either Android or iOS but we would be a little bit concerned about the risk of losing such small devices.

Hiwill V4.1 Wireless Earbuds - Our Verdict
In the final analysis, these wireless earbuds have an awful lot more going for them than against them. The only really negative point is their size, but if you go for devices of this kind, you should have a system in place for ensuring that you don't lose them.
Hiwill V4.1 Wireless Earbuds - ProsHiwill V4.1 Wireless Earbuds - Cons
Design is exquisite, and the truly hands-free nature of these earbuds makes for a genuinely hassle-free listening experience. We liked touches like the supplied power station, and the CVC 6.0 Noise & Echo Cancellation technology.Like all truly wireless earbuds, their small size and lack of a tether wire means that either or both of the Hiwill V4.1 Wireless Earbuds could be easily lost.



5. Best Wireless Earbuds Review – SoundPEATS Q12 Bluetooth Earphones

Image Source: Amazon

These SoundPEATS Q12 Bluetooth earbuds support two devices, connected simultaneously, and when paired once, can be set to connect automatically. Therefore these are a dream for the audiophile who wants a bit of flexibility, as well as sound clarity, while on the move. They’re also compatible with most iPhone or Android phones, and other Bluetooth devices. And their built-in lithium batteries support up to seven hours of talk and/or music time.

Number of Customer Ratings: 2,289
Average Rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars

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Design: These scored quite highly with us for their design. They look great and are very comfortable to wear, and overall, would suggest that Soundpeats have found the solution to the age old dilemma of how to design a pair of headphones that prize comfort and utility without sacrificing sound quality. There’s a magnetic catch on the earbuds that keeps them together when they’re not in use, and control is by means of an inline remote that is very easy to use for listening to music or taking calls. However, while it’s quite easy to get a perfect fit, we found that the earbuds would be quite uncomfortable over long periods. But they should be perfect in comfort and practical terms for people who want to use them for one to two hours.

Sound & Isolation: SoundPEATS Q12s are among the most dynamic earbuds we’ve reviewed in this price range. They completely fly in the face of conventional wisdom that seems to dictate cheaper headphones sacrifice everything on the bottom and top frequencies to focus on the mid-ranges. These have a very good wallop of bass, particularly if you listen to non hip-hop or dance music. The high end is very clear, especially for vocals and more trebly rhythm devices like cymbals. They’re passive noise isolation only, so keeping out the background noise, and keeping your music in, will all depend on the quality of fit that you’re able to maintain. You’ll always get some background ambient noise, which is actually a good thing, particularly if you’re using these earbuds for running outdoors.

Battery & Features: The battery life of the SoundPEATS Q12s runs to around six hours. It’s okay, perfectly adequate for a workout earphone, but not fantastic. The downside of such a short playtime on full charge is that you will need to be particularly vigilant about charging these. Bluetooth connectivity is very good, and it delivers a working range of around 33 or 34 feet, which is more than average.

Summary: Given their across the board compatibility, user-friendliness and sound quality, we give the thumps up to the SoundPEATS Q12s. What really swings it for us is all of the above, taken in consideration with their incredible price point, which is in the sub-$50 range. The only thing here that’s a little bit disappointing is battery life, but if you remember to charge them, it should be more than sufficient for average everyday usage.

SoundPEATS Q12 Bluetooth Earphones - Our Verdict
Another fantastic quality set of wireless earbuds in the sub $50 price bracket, we liked everything about these (although battery life is a little bit disappointing)
SoundPEATS Q12 Bluetooth Earphones - ProsSoundPEATS Q12 Bluetooth Earphones - Cons
Design, comfort, compatibility, sound quality and price point are the plus points for the SoundPEATS Q12s.While general sound quality is good, mid-range is a little flat, and the battery life was also a bit lacking.



6. Best Wireless Earbuds Review – Anker SoundBuds NB10

Image Source: Amazon

These Anker earbuds connect easily to the latest smartphones and bluetooth devices. They offer clear and punchy sound, with a bass tone that is present without being overwhelming.

From a practical point of view, these earbuds are brilliant if you like to play music while doing exercise. They’re unobtrusive and comfortable in the ear, while their wraparound construction allows for securely tightening them to the head at the back.

Number of Customer Ratings: 888
Average Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars

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Design: Anker’s NB10 SoundBuds are incredibly lightweight, and come with a range of earths that will help them fit to a variety of ear sizes. Despite the light weight, they’re also packed with features such as adjustable neckband, a great quality microphone and CVC 6.0 Noise Cancellation technology to allow you to enjoy your audio or phone calls without interference from the background of a noisy gym while you’re working out.

They have a plastic and rubber build that makes them repel sweat and they’re actually certified IPX5 which certifies that they’re resistant to sweat and water on the inside too. We still wouldn’t go swimming with these (you need IPX7, 8 or 9 certification for that), but they will repel a lot of water. There are only three buttons on the right earpiece, and pairing is a relatively simple affair, whether your device is iOS or Android.

Sound & Isolation: While the CVC 6.0 Noise Cancellation tech does help to isolate you from the background noise, you will be able to hear what’s going on around you if you’re not listening to higher volumes. However, if you’re using these outdoors, this can be a good thing, Of in an office, however, they may ‘bleed’ and annoy your colleagues. The low end is a little bit anaemic, the mids are pretty average and high ends were a little bit grating. Overall, not bad, especially at this price point, but not particularly standout great either.

Battery & Features: Battery life of the Anker NB10s is a pretty average 6 hours or so. While this is fine for working out, it will be of limited use if you were planning to use them for more extended periods, such as gaming. As with many of the other wireless earbud options on this post, you will have to be vigilant about keeping these charged.

Connectivity is not bad at all. These can get to around 30 feet away from the source (without obstacles) and still not drop the connection. And even with a few obstacles in the way, still pretty strong. When the source is in your pocket, however, you may get a bit of a stutter. Still, not bad for a pair of fitness headphones.

Summary: The build quality of these headphones makes them a perfect choice for sports, and comfort is definitely a big positive. But surprisingly for Anker sound quality is a little bit on the average side for our liking.

Anker SoundBuds NB10 - Our Verdict
On balance, we'd recommend these. They are of a high quality & durable build, and are incredibly comfortable and stable, even for working out with. Battery life and sound quality might be a deal breaker for some, though.
Anker SoundBuds NB10 - ProsAnker SoundBuds NB10 - Cons
Comfort and quality are the big plusses of Anker NB10s. They're surprisingly durable for a pair of earbuds in the sub-$50 price range.Battery life is quite average, and sound quality is a little unremarkable.



7. Best Wireless Earbuds Review – LG Tone Pro HBS-780

Image Source: Amazon

These LG Tone Pro earbuds are slimline and extremely lightweight, but durable construction, and the hidden magnetic earbud design deliver a pleasant user experience, with sound quality that has been applauded as outstanding.

The unit’s inbuilt dual MEMS microphone offers enhanced vocal clarity, while there is a panoply of smart user features including voice memo, Find-Me and Tone & Talk.

Number of Customer Ratings: 401
Average Rating: 2.9 out of 5 stars

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Design: A strong combination of slim yet durable headband with lightweight earbuds and wires, the LG Tone Pro is another contended for best wireless earbuds of 2021. One of the things about these headphones that is really cool is the way in which the earbuds will stow neatly away within the headband when not in use, enabling you to wear the headband unobtrusively around the neck. They’re lightweight enough at 1.54oz to make them barely noticeable to the wearer. Unlike some other other earbuds reviewed here, they’re available in a range of finishes and colours, including black, gold, white, matte and metallic blue, and metallic red. However, this is an earbud set that is for static listening or walking only. It is not waterproof and will not be suitable for use while working out.

Controls are incorporated within the neckband, with the left arm hosting the call answer/end button and a sliding volume switch, in addition to a micro USB port for charing and, on the inside of the arm, the power switch, with the pinhole mic for calls situated on top. On the right arm, you have play/pause, and track-skipping buttons

Sound & Isolation: Sound quality will very much depend on your choice of music. Bass heavy tracks are problematic, although reducing the volume helps in this respect. In standard guitar-drums-bass rock music, the bass is a dominant texture. If you’re a fan of hip-hop, electronica or dance music, we wouldn’t recommend these and direct you towards a more bass-forward set of earbuds.

Battery & Features: Battery life is one of the strongest points for recommending the LG tone Pro HBS-780. A full charge will deliver music listening time of up to 10.5 hours; talk time of up to 16 hours; and standby time of around 720 hours.

Summary: We liked these headphones a lot. In fact there is very little to talk down the LG Tone Pro HBS-780 headset. However, their use will be limited as they’re not at all waterproof so therefore not suitable for use in the gym for working out. Limited also is the range of supporting accessories. You get two differently sized earths (we’d have preferred three) and a short USB cable for charing.

LG Tone Pro HBS-780 - Our Verdict
If you want to stay under the $100 mark, these earbuds are highly recommendable. In design terms they're wonderful, both when in use and when you simple want to wear them around the neck. But the lack of a real bottom-end bass response is a disappointment.
LG Tone Pro - ProsLG Tone Pro - Cons
Very good price, elegant design, excellent battery life are the strongest selling points of the At this price point, we would have preferred that LG had brought more bass to the sound spectrum.



8. Best Wireless Earbuds Review – Samsung Level U Pro with UHQA

Image Source: Amazon

These Samsung earbuds are fantastic. Their stylish, lightweight design and compatibility with Samsung Galaxy devices makes them ideal for users of those handsets, and their sound quality is absolutely amazing in this price range.

Flexible urethane joints guarantee a comfy yet secure fit, and added extra features include a built-in noise-cancelling microphone.

Number of Customer Ratings: 1,606
Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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Design: Although they’re not quite up to the build quality of the LG Tone Pro HBS-780, these have a collar-style neckband, the Samsung Level U Pro have an edge in audio terms with Samsung’s UHQA (ultra high quality audio), which delivers 24-bit digital audio, with a frequency range that’s up to two times wider than standard CD-quality audio. Samsung claims that combined with noise-isolating gel ear pieces, the listener will get incredible concert hall sound. In addition, the dual-microphone noise reduction and echo-cancellation will reduce outside sound interference during calls.

Unlike the LG Tone Pro HBS-780 set, these earbuds are splash and sweat resistant, making them ideal for use when working out, either in the gym or when working out. Controls over calls are by means of smart magnets within the earbuds, which will enable you to start or pause music or to answer or end calls through the connection and disconnection of magnets. The neckband also vibrates when a call is incoming, and there are well-placed controls within the neckband for more precise control. The earbuds, which are available in black, purple and bronze, they also have a feature called Sound Share, enabling you to share audio with other Level U or Level On wireless headsets.

Sound & Isolation: This is one of the better sounding wireless earbud sets on the market at the moment. Once placed into the ear, these do a great job of blocking out the outside world. They have a satisfyingly fat bass sound, but on some tracks, the high end is a bit trebly and that can also creep into the mid-range vocals. In the end, it’s a question of definition. Bluetooth headphones will simply not get you the same quality as a wired equivalent, but these are still pretty decent, and they don’t distort at the high end.

Battery & Features: Nine hours’ playtime on a single charge is a more than respectable running time for a bluetooth earbuds set. It’s definitely superior to some of the other products that we reviewed for this post.

Summary: We liked these earbuds. They’re a variant of and competitor to the collar-style neckband units that LG Electronics specialises in. They have good sound and are comfortable to wear. However, they don’t feel quite so robust as others in their class, and the sound might strike some as a bit trebly.

Samsung Level U Pro with UHQA - Our Verdict
These are a more than decent set of collar-style neckband earphones. Although they might not be best suited to running, they'd work in the gym, and the sound quality is very good at this price point.
Samsung Level U Pro - ProsSamsung Level U Pro - Cons
The 24-bit digital audio makes a big difference with these headphones; they're also sweat and splash resistant, with above average battery life.The build quality is not quite as robust as some of its competitors at this price point.



9. Best Wireless Earbuds Review – Sony XB50BS Extra Bass Sports Bluetooth Earbuds

Image Source: Amazon

These extremely stylish wireless earbuds are available in blue, red and black, so Sony have ensured that there is going to be something for everyone who wants to pick up a pair of these. They offer easy, seamless connectivity, and an amazing 8.5 hours of playback.

A splash-proof design deaks with rain or sweat, there’s a built-in microphone for great quality hands-free calls, and the wrap-around feature allows a high degree of free movement.

Number of Customer Ratings: 703
Average Rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars

Check Price >

Design: The splash-proof Sony XB50BS Extra Bass earbuds ensure you can enjoy quality audio, in comfort, in all weather. These are a lightweight 0.8oz, and the ultra slim wraparound headband gives you almost complete freedom of movement. While the actual earbuds are not the smallest, it fits extremely well (in fact, we’d suggest these two facts are not unrelated). These earbuds are also supplied with extra fins and eartips so you will be able to adjust this fit to a very fine degree.

Although these offer passive noise isolation only, the fit does a good job of muffling ambient noise… but please remember to be vigilant about traffic and other activities going on in your vicinity if you’re using these while running out of doors. There is only slight slippage while running, and this can probably be fixed by means of the supplied eartips and fins. There is also a built-in microphone and the control buttons are conveniently placed on one of the earpieces.

Sound & Isolation: The sound quality of these earbuds is seriously impressive. They deliver a beautifully punchy bass without overwhelming the sound picture. If you’re listening to hip-hop or electronica these are absolutely perfect.

Battery & Features: The battery life is a very impressive 8.5 hours, especially for a set of earbuds with such a dynamic overall sound picture and strong, punchy bottom end.

Summary: This Sony XB50BS Extra Bass set gets strong marks for its build quality, as well as the quality of the audio, which is extremely punchy. However, the design of the headset, while comfortable and lightweight, is prone to slippage and even popping out from time to time.

Sony XB50BS Extra Bass Sports - Our Verdict
We have some misgivings about the design of these Sony earbuds, but these are largely overcome by the very good sound quality (with strong bass response) and the more than decent battery life.
Sony XB50BS Extra Bass Sports - ProsSony XB50BS Extra Bass Sports - Cons
Excellent audio quality, with a superbly punchy bass response, was a quite unexpected surprise. Battery life too is more than anyone could reasonably expect at this price point.The design of the headset is pretty average, and all of the good points about these earbuds are a bit negated by the tendency to slip or even pop out in use.



10. Best Wireless Earbuds Review – Plantronics BackBeat Go 2

Image Source: Amazon

These are an extremely durable set of earbuds, withP2i military-grade nano-coating protecting them from sweat, moisture, and spills. They are of a compact design that allows them to be conveniently carried in the pocket, and the tangle-free cable makes use as easy as possible. You’ll get up to 4.5 hours of listening and 5 hours of talk time, and inline controls make it easy to take calls, skip tracks, adjust volume, and activate Siri, Google Now, or Cortana voice-controlled smartphone assistants.

Number of Customer Ratings: 508
Average Rating: 3.1 out of 5 stars

Check Price >

Design: The P2i military-grade nano-coating serves to protect the earbuds from sweat, moisture and spills, so you’ll have no worries about working up a sweat in the gym or on the road if you’re listening to music with Plantronics Back Beat Go 2 earbuds. Inline controls in the connecting tether enable you to conveniently skip, pause/start tracks, adjust volume, take calls as well as activating voice-controlled assistants on your smartphones, such as Siri or Google Now. These are very compact, and they will unobtrusively go into your pocket without tangling, or they can be stored in the supplied wireless charging case.

Sound & Isolation: Although these have a new 6mm driver, the bass is a little on the soft side. The medium frequency range is much more impressive, while there is an impressive range of detail in the high end without distortion creeping in. Listening is quite comfortable even at loud volumes.

Battery & Features: Battery life is a little bit disappointing with Palntronics BakcBeat Go 2s. However, for some people, 4.5 hours’ listening or 5 hours talk time that you get on a single charge might be perfectly fine. However, we expected more from Plantronics. The wireless charging case, however, will boost the playtime to around 14.5 hours. Anything negative we say about the BackBeat Go 2s battery life has to be balanced by the fact that charging the headset for a more 20 minutes will amass about 60 minutes of play time, which is not bad at all.

Compatibility is more than decent. The BackBeat Go 2s are compatible with iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad in addition to a wide range of Android-based smart mobile devices. Bluetooth range is a fairly standard 32-33ft, and even with walls in the way, there are no drop-outs or even stutters in connection.

Summary: This is a little bit of a mixed bag for our reviewers. They can’t compete with headsets in higher price ranges for audio quality and battery life, but if you pick up the full package including the charging case, which will still bring you in at significantly under $100, this is a decent investment.

Plantronics Back Beat Go 10 - Our Verdict
These are a decent set of earbuds, but if you pick up a set minus the charging case, you're going to find battery life a serious disappointment.
Plantronics Back Beat Go 10 - ProsPlantronics Back Beat Go 10 - Cons
All round build quality is good, and the sweat and splash proofing means they're ideal for working out with.Sound is pretty decent but not as strong as might be expected, and battery life is pretty poor if you don't have the wireless charging case.



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  2. What about AXUM? finally, someone is making wireless headphones for RUNNERS!!!! and not just another gaming/Netflix earbuds… to be honest, I really doubt that there’s a better pair of this completely wireless earbuds – can’t wait to get mine.

  3. Hi.. Thanks for the great article. Great list indeed! I just want to add Rowkin to this list. Using one for lat few months. They’re absolutely amazing!!

  4. If the computer is having issues in getting connected to the wifi, restart the wireless router along with your cable modem or ISPwifi, If that doesn’t work, call your ISP and they can run some tests to see if they can reach your router.

  5. Hi! Great article.. Thanks! I just want to add Rowkin to this list. Absolutely loving this.

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