Best XBox Steering Wheel 2018 – 6 Best Steering Wheels Reviewed

Last Updated: August 5, 2018

If you are a gamer with a serious passion for racing and driving games, then you’ll probably be looking to take your gameplay to the next level. Check out our team’s reviews of the best Xbox steering wheel units for reliable advice on getting the best value for money.

by AGENT Staff
best xbox steering wheel
Best xBox Steering Wheel image source: Logitech

Racing simulators and racing games are among the most popular Xbox gaming packages. If you’re serious about your driving or racing games, then you will be looking to progress from the traditional Xbox controller to a steering wheel control unit. The best Xbox steering wheel can make a huge difference to your enjoyment of and performance in driving & racing games.

If you already have such an Xbox unit, then perhaps you are looking to upgrade to the best Xbox steering wheel available today. That’s where the difficulty arises, as there is a huge range of steering wheels available for Xbox and a wide array of gaming platforms and computers.

That’s why our reviews team have taken a look at the market, and what is available currently, and narrowed down the choice to the best Xbox steering wheel options.


Best Xbox Steering Wheel Review 2018

Maybe you own an Xbox steering wheel already, or perhaps you are entirely new to the area of gamers’ steering wheels and need some help navigating the market. Either way, you’re going to find something here in our buyers guide to the best Xbox steering wheel units on the market.




1. Best Xbox Steering Wheel Review – Logitech G920 Driving Force

Image Source: Amazon

The Logitech G920 Driving Force is our creme de la creme of the best Xbox steering wheel units. Designed especially for the Xbox, it’s little surprise that this steering wheel is so well designed and laid out. It almost perfectly replicates the actual driving experience in terms of response. The downside, though, is price. This item does not come cheap. It costs around $350 without shift (and more than $400 with shift) but if you’re a committed racing gamer, you’ll be able to justify those prices. Because this steering wheel is just superb.

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2. Best Xbox Steering Wheel Review – Thrustmaster VG Ferrari

Image Source: Amazon

Next on our best Xbox steering wheel roundup is the Thrustmaster VG Ferrari. This really gives you a true Ferrari feel, as the famous auto company’s world renowned design notes echo every corner of this gameplay unit. The only minor disappointment is with the quite plastic feel of the steering wheel. However, it’s extremely solid, works really well with Xbox driving and racing games and costs only around $90 so you can’t go wrong if racing games are your thing.

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3. Best Xbox Steering Wheel Review – Mad Catz Wireless Force

Image Source: Amazon

Mad Catz are one of the great gaming hardware manufacturers, and this Wireless Force is another must-see addition to our best Xbox steering wheel roundup. The wireless nature of this device is a great hook, and the silver and black colour scheme conveys a solid feel. All in all, and for every type of driving game, this steering wheel is pretty incredible. It feels solid, powerful and responsive—exactly the qualities that will make for a great driving game experience.

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4. Best Xbox Steering Wheel Review – Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition

Image Source: Amazon

Thrustmaster’s TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition is simple, classic and solid, exactly the kind of qualities that a racing game enthusiast would expect from an item so heavily emblazoned with Ferrari features and that iconic badge. And it’s not just a matter of style. There is some serious substance with this racing wheel, which performs well in any drive game, whether it’s Grand Theft Auto or more traditional motorsport games. The vibration and force feedback on this unit is uncanny too, making for another fantastic Xbox steering wheel.

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5. Best Xbox Steering Wheel Review – HORI Racing Wheel One

Image Source: Amazon

The HORI Racing Wheel One does not make a strong first impression with its all-plastic construction, but it’s an amazingly strong contender for the title of best Xbox steering wheel at its circa $90 price point. There is no force feedback or vibration, which might make it more appropriate for pure fun arcade-style racing games rather than driving simulator-based scenarios. The suction cup mounting system is a bit lacklustre too. But where it counts, the HORI Racing Wheel One has a lot to recommend it.

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6. Best Xbox Steering Wheel Review – Thrustmaster VG TX Racing Wheel

Image Source: Amazon

The Thrustmaster VG TX Racing Wheel is a direct contender to Logitech’s G920, so to summarise, what you get with this steering wheel is all the performance flash of the TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition, with a premium feel, thanks to higher quality materials such as leather. The price is a lot heftier than the Italia Edition, but it’s also compatible with PC and if you are passionate about your gaming, it’s definitely one to consider!

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2 thoughts on “Best XBox Steering Wheel 2018 – 6 Best Steering Wheels Reviewed

  1. A friend of mine got the Thrustmaster VG TX, but I went for the more inexpensive variant, the Italia Edition. It’s brilliant. It definitely doesn’t feel or look as nice as the premium edition, but in terms of gameplay, there is very little to separate them!

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