Best Selling Car Games on Amazon – Buyers Guide & Reviews 2021

Last Updated: February 1, 2021

If a good driving video game is what you need to unwind from a tough day at the office, you’re in luck! Our reviews team has looked at broad variety of the best driving gaming experiences across a range of platforms, including XBox, PlayStation, iOS and Android phones, and compiled these reviews of the best car games of 2021.

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car games review - 'Burnout Paradise Remastered' image source: Electronic Arts / Amazon

When you’ve finished a long day at the coalface, there is nothing quite like settling in comfortably for a bit of video gaming, whether that be with the best in shooting games or driving games. Car games in particular enable you to safely test your concentration, hand-eye coordination to the very limit, at the steering wheel of a souped up rally car, or a Formula One car, or to drive as part of an overall adventurous task, requiring task completion and the achievement of objectives.

Of course, if you’re a busy career professional, or an entrepreneur, you will have been doing this for real all day (possibly not in a car, but certainly testing all of the physical and emotional responses to the simulated video game challenge). This partly explains why professionals account for such a large proportion of the gaming public. Of course, they’re just plain old-fashioned escapism, a way to have some harmless excitement and exercise your competitive streak in a fun arena.


Best Car Games of 2021

Our reviews team has looked at broad variety of the best driving gaming experiences across a range of platforms, including XBox, PlayStation, iOS and Android phones, and compiled these reviews of the best car games.




1. Car Games Review – ‘Forza Motorsport 7’



Image Source: Amazon

‘Forza Motorsport 7’, developed by Turn 10 Studios and published by Microsoft Studios in October 2017, is the 10th instalment in the ‘Forza’ series, which is regarded as Microsoft’s main alternative to Sony’s ‘Gran Turismo’ series — see Number 2 on our list — and closely emulates the handling and performance of a number of real production, modified and racing cars.

This instalment features more than 700 cars, including some brand new Forza Edition cars, as well as in excess of 200 completely different racing configurations to drive on across no fewer than 32 locations. These include all the tracks from ‘Forza Motorsport 6’, and imagining of a Dubai street route, in additional to some tracks from ‘Forza Motorsport 4’.

With such tracks in the frame, including the Maple Valley Raceway, and Mugello and Suzuka Circuits, as well as some new additions to the ‘Motorsport’ sub-series such as dynamic weather and customisable drivers, this is another Forza title set to remain a popular fixture in this iconic car game franchise.

Available for: Xbox One and Microsoft Windows

Amazon Customer Reviews: 214
Average Review Rating: 3.9 out of 5 Stars

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2. Car Games Review – ‘Gran Turismo Sport’



Image Source: Amazon

This is the latest instalment of one of the most popular car games franchises of all time, which holds several Guinness World Records, and ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ keeps the car game flag flying high in the Sony camp. With two main game modes — Sports and Arcade — in addition to online racing, the game also has a great deal more content than its GT predecessors.

There are some other differences. Unlike ‘Gran Turismo 5’ and ‘Gran Turismo 6′, the game lacks a dynamic weather system and a day-night cycle, however, the time of day can be set prior to the race. There are 177 cars and 27 configurations of 19 locations for gamers to work with, and for the first time in the GT series, Porsche vehicles are included.

Gran Turismo is the highest selling PlayStation exclusive franchise, with a collective sales total of 72.6m units. And in an example of reality imitating games, the Maeda Corporation & Tokyo University of Science once undertook a feasibility study into creating a real-life version of the game series’ fictional Grand Valley Speedway.

Available for: PlayStation 4

Amazon Customer Reviews: 332
Average Review Rating: 3.1 out of 5 Stars

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3. Car Games Review – ‘Burnout Paradise’



Image Source: Amazon

Electronic Arts’ remastered 2021 edition of the game initially released in 2008 allows you to vibrantly relive the thrilling, white-knuckle stunts, as well as the sheer wanton destruction of one of the greatest arcade car games of all time, all from the safety of your computer room and with better than ever before graphics, sound and responsiveness.

You’ll be burning rubber and shredding metal across and throughout the open roads and winding routes of Paradise City, all the time discovering exciting new jumps, stunts, manoeuvres and shortcuts. You’ll be able to have online face-offs with your friends and also join in teams to undertake hundreds of online demolition challenges.

A fantastic update, this remaster includes the main DLC packs from the Year of Paradise, including the Big Surf Island update, which has been recreated in fine detail, all for you and your fellow competitors to destroy in your burnout adventures!

Available for: PlayStation 3 & 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows

Amazon Customer Reviews: 47
Average Review Rating: 4.1 out of 5 Stars

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4. Car Games Review – ‘Assetto Corsa’



Image Source: Amazon

Developed by 505 Games and released in mid-2016 ‘Assetto Corsa’ takes racing simulation to the next level, having been developed with a forensic attention to detail on the physics realism of every aspect of car handling and the tracks they drive on.

Thanks to brand partnerships with some of the most renowned car manufacturers in the world, the developers have been able to create stunningly life-like models from Ferrari, Mercedes, Lotus, Fiat, Lamborghini and McLaren, to name but a few.

If this alone is not reason enough for gaming excitement, the cars handling can be finely attuned to your own personal style, and you’ll also be able to further enhance the overall driving experience by adjusting a full range of factors such as driver attributes and collision damage

Gamers can choose from more than 100 high-performance cars and over 20 track configurations, including such famed arenas as the Silverstone Circuit and the Nurburgring-Nordschleife. Gameplay is incredibly simple and accessible, including single and multiplayer racing, as well as race weekends, pre-set challenges and a fantastic Career Mode.

Available for: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Amazon Customer Reviews: 70
Average Review Rating: 3.3 out of 5 Stars

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5. Car Games Review – ‘Need for Speed: Payback’



Image Source: Amazon

The screenshot for this thrilling video gaming (above) says it all. This is car driving as part of a explosive revenge-driven narrative, involving three main characters. Gameplay is divided into five main classes (Race, Drift, Off-Road, Drag, and Runner), and the risk-versus-reward nature of proceedings means the stakes of the intense cop chases have never been higher.

‘Need for Speed: Payback’ (NFS) is part of the ‘Need For Speed’ racing video game franchise developed by Ghost Games and published by Electronic Arts. Loosely centered around illicit street racing, requiring players to complete tasks while evading capture by the police, NFS has been part of the video landscape since as far back as 1994.

‘Need for Speed Payback’, the most recent instalment, was released in November 2017, and it typifies the excellence of the gaming standards developed over the years by various teams including EA Black Box and Criterion Games. A critical hit, NFS is a hugely successful commercial franchise, and ‘… Payback’ will prove to be as enduring an instalment as its storied predecessors.

Available for: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Amazon Customer Reviews: 40
Average Review Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

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6. Car Games Review – ‘Test Drive Unlimited 2’



Image Source: Amazon

‘Test Drive Unlimited 2’ an open world racing video game developed by Eden Games and published by Atari in 2011, is the 10th instalment of the successful ‘Test Drive’ series. It’s the second instalment to be named under the ‘Unlimited’ sub-series, so-called because of its open world gameplay.

Set on the island of Oahu and on Ibiza, there is a narrative underpinning the gameplay. Players take the persona of an aspiring competitor for an international racing championship, the Solar Crown. The player is coached by Tess Wintory, host of Solar Crown, and taken through the various licenses that must be gained to become eligible to race in the championship.

Players can buy houses, cars and clothes from dealers on Oahu, and after obtaining the necessary licenses the player is able to participate in all challenges for a given class, working their way up to the Solar Crown by winning all of the various championship classes.

‘Test Drive Unlimited 2’ is a compelling mixture of narrative intrigue and car racing video game excitement.

Available for: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows

Amazon Customer Reviews: 102
Average Review Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

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7. Car Games Review – ‘Project Cars’



Image Source: Amazon

Developed by Slightly Mad Studios and released by Namco Bandai in May 2015, the ‘Project Cars’ Game Of The Year Edition is one of the best motorsport racing simulator games of all time. This is some seriously authentic and beautiful gameplay, and there is an amazing variety of factors to choose from so you can customise this game to the n-th degree.

This Game of the Year edition adds another 50-plus vehicles, four tracks in addition to 60-something community-curated vehicle liveries. Since its launch, there have been more than 500 improvements and feature introductions in the three years since the launch of ‘Project Cars’, in addition to two new circuits—the iconic Nurburgring Combined Nordschieife and GP circuits, and two exclusive vehicles from Pagani – the Zonda Revolucion and Huayra BC..

In total there are now 74 drivable cars, more than 30 unique locations, 110 different courses, including point-to-point roads, real and fictional, all making up one of the most realistic driving simulation experiences possible.

Unlike ‘Gran Turismo’ and ‘Forza Motorsport’, Slightly Mad Studios have allowed the player to choose between different motorsports paths and immediately access all the vehicles and tracks included in the game, and racing events span multiple days, with changes in daylight, weather and lighting conditions simulated dynamically.

Available for: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Amazon Customer Reviews: 6
Average Review Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

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8. Car Games Review – ‘Extreme Car Driving Simulator 3D’



Image Source: Amazon

Review BODY TEXT – 50-100 words – 1-3 paragraphs.

One of the best sports car simulator games available, this app from AxesInMotion is notable for its advanced real physics feel, which will enable you to closely experience the feel and drift of a racing sports car driven at full tilt!

The game enables you to drive at speed on a route through a city, all the while performing hair-raising illegal stunts without any fear of colliding with rival vehicles or reprisals from the police.

So in summary, this is a stunningly realistic driving experience but in an entirely fantasy scenario, where the only objective is fun as you burn rubber around the detailed environs of this open world tight-cornered urban gaming environment.

Available for: Android 4.0

Amazon Customer Reviews: 2,686
Average Review Rating: 4.3 out of 5 Stars

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9. Car Games Review – ‘Real Racing 3’



Image Source: Amazon

‘Real Racing 3’ is an aptly named free-download app from Electronic Arts for Android 4.1, in which the player can get behind the wheel of three iconic Mercedes vehicles from the 1990s to take on Formula E drivers on the Formula E New York City track.

Originally released in 2013 and updated in July 2021, this is one of the classic car games, and is rated as the top driving app in more than 100 countries.

There’s a few surprises in store, such as the 1986 Porsche 959 Sport that you can unlock, commemorating 70 years of Porsche cars, while the Real Racing TV feature is a blast.

You’ll be putting your skills to the test on a greatly expanded 22-car grid, there are more than 45 cars to choose from, and you’ll be able to race against your friends via the Game Center and Facebook, in more than 900 events, including cup races, eliminations and drag races. This is a fantastic racing simulator!

Available for: Android 4.1

Amazon Customer Reviews: 5,423
Average Review Rating: 4.3 out of 5 Stars

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10. Car Games Review – ‘Car Simulator’



Image Source: Amazon

A free app by Oppana Games for Android 2.3.3, Car Simulator is one of the top simulator games available in the Amazon app store. This is fun, interactive game, with a first-person play mode, incredibly detailed car models and an equally detailed game-play world.

With quest and arcade style missions as well as additional multi-player mode missions, you’ll get a flavour of what it’s like to cruise around the city in a car, either by yourself or with friends. You’ll even be able to set up races, and according to your own rules, so there is a strong element of fun.

But perhaps the chief strength of this app is the lifelike nature of the gameplay, which requires you to use your instruments to stay safe and avoid crashes; to drive within the speed limits thereby avoiding the attention of the police; and to be sure to always keep your car supplied with adequate volumes of gasoline!

Available for: Android 2.3.3

Amazon Customer Reviews: 40
Average Review Rating: 3.2 out of 5 Stars

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car games

car games review – ‘Burnout Paradise Remastered’ – Image Source: Electronic Arts / Amazon


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