AGENTorial™ – Let’s tell your story.

What is AGENTorial™?

AGENTorial is a unique content marketing offering for brands, combining strategic creative 1.Editorial 2.Video with 3. Social Distribution utilizing AGENT’s popular social & digital platforms. In short, AGENTorial tells your brand’s story and engages with your target audience to required milestones


1. AGENT™ Editorial

Strategic creation of engaging editorial on the AGENT™ website in the form of a Q&A, Interview, Product Review, whatever editorial will best deliver your message & speak to your target audience.



2. AGENT™ Video

Strategic creation of Video content on all the AGENT™ Social Platforms & website.

3. AGENT™ Social Distribution & Engagement

Strategic distribution & promotion of your AGENTorial (Editorial & Video Content) throughout AGENT’s popular social platforms until we reach your required engagement targets.

Who is AGENTorial for?

Multinationals, SMEs, Retailers, Hospitality, Entrepreneurs in all sectors – If you have a product, service or message that you need to deliver to your target market, then AGENTorial is for you. Brands that partner with AGENT include the following.


Let’s Tell Your Story!