Cool Tech Gadgets Round-Up – 5 Cutting-Edge Tech Gadgets 2018

Last Updated: November 1, 2018

Technology is accelerating at a rapid rate, with new gadgets rolling out steadily. Some may not last, but many will prove their worth through a combination of practicality and convenience that are changing the way we perform all manner of domestic and business functions.

cool tech gadgets
Cool Tech Gadgets Review - Image Source: Unsplash // John Hult

Automated, integrated tools, as well as standalone appliances (and the numerous upgrades for both) are among the hottest tech trends to watch out for in 2018. With a nod to the future, these inventions and other cool tech gadgets are simplifying our lives and introducing new possibilities for how we eat, socialise and manage our responsibilities.


Cool Tech Gadgets Review 2018

Here are 5 exciting new cool tech products with the potential to change your life.




1. Cool Tech Gadgets Review – Mevo

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Capturing live events and occurrences is becoming more and more popular and necessary nowadays. The Mevo camera allows users to record anything they wish in stunning 4k quality, and it can be directed straight to an iPhone for live-editing.

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2. Cool Tech Gadgets Review – Roost Battery

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At a convenient price, the smart battery is 9V and designed to last five years. When coupled with the Roost app, will notify users if power is low or if smoke has been detected. Users can simply chose commands from a range of features on the app, even alerting family, friends and neighbours of danger.

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3. Cool Tech Gadgets Review – Netatmo Welcome

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The Netamo Welcome is an impressive new form of security, which uses facial recognition. It can also notify users when certain members are recognised, recording images and information each time a face is spotted. It can also be paired with tags, which can be placed on doors or windows that, when moved, will notify you.

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4. Cool Tech Gadgets Review – Speck Pocket VR



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Phone case producers Speck have created a phone case to integrate with virtual reality devices, called Pocket VR. One of the really cool tech products, this allows you to turn your smartphone into a means of using virtual reality without breaking the bank. In terms of the behaviour that’s swept the world with the explosion in Pokemon Go!, this really is potentially life changing technology.

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5. Cool Tech Gadgets Review – 360fly

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The 360fly is a camera that helps capture everything in view, in a single video, in stunning 4k quality. Using an eight-element lens, it records video 360 degrees horizontally and 240 degrees vertically. Viewers can click and drag footage to look around the scene, while it will soon be possible to turn in real life to look around in-video. Last but by no means least, then, on this roundup of cool tech products.

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  2. These are all so cool! The VR phone case is crazy, I bet my nephew would love it. I normally just go for a nice pattern in a phone case but I know he’d really appreciate it for playing games.

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