Month: January 2012

Friday Flashback: Reebok – Terry Tate

Published 10 years ago January 12th, 2012

Continuing our countdown to the Superbowl, this week’s Flashback takes us back to the Superbowl of 2003. It was in this year that Superbowl audiences were exposed to 60 seconds of Terry Tate, Office Linebacker (endorsed by Reebok). Terry Tate is an American football linebacker, hired by the fictional Felcher company, who keeps co-workers in…

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AGENT Digital Launch

Published 10 years ago January 11th, 2012

AGENT Digital is proud to announce the launch of the website. is an initiative of the county’s Economic Working Group – a sub committee of the North Tipperary County Development Board who’s role is to promote co-operation and co-ordination among the public service agencies in the county. Membership of the Economic Working Group…

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Going Viral: Smart Thief Caught on Camera

Published 10 years ago January 11th, 2012

LG Electronics have managed to be portrayed memorably in a new video that demonstrates the beauty of viral videos. Shot with a minimal budget, the forces behind this video really went into creative overdrive. If you haven’t seen the video yet, we suggest that you take the time to do so now, ahead of spoilers…

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Going Viral: Vinnie Jones Teaches You CPR

Published 10 years ago January 9th, 2012

Vinnie Jones stars in a new advertisement from the British Heart Foundation which raises awareness about properly applying CPR to potentially save lives. This instructional video is incredibly informative and displays the method in a quirky and memorable ways, with Jones adding the humour. Jones plays out his usual typecast, the east-end thuggish gangster, flanked…

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Friday Flashback: Apple Macintosh ‘1984’

Published 10 years ago January 6th, 2012

The First Friday Flashback of 2012 nods at the upcoming NFL Superbowl, which has been a showcase for innovative and creative commercials for years. This week’s commercial is the oldest that has been revisited on the Friday Flashback yet; Apple’s ‘1984’ Commercial (from, funnily enough, 1984). The advert focuses on a scene from George Orwell’s…

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Will Social Media Become More Intimate in 2012?

Published 10 years ago January 5th, 2012

In a recent Harris interactive survey, over 2000 Americans we’re asked what New Year’s Resolutions they had made for 2012. The usual promises of exercising more and eating more healthily as well as handling personal finances more wisely were the two most popular resolutions people made, which is no surprise. What’s also not very surprising…

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Pizza Hut Offer Chance to Star in Superbowl Advert

Published 10 years ago January 4th, 2012

The 46th annual Superbowl of American football is taking place on the 5th of February this year, and as always, plans to be one of the prime marketing showcases of the year, if not the biggest. Throughout the years, commercials before and during the Superbowl have gone down in marketing history, as creativity reaches astounding…

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Social Media: It May Just Save Your Life

Published 10 years ago January 3rd, 2012

We open 2012 with a good news story which is pretty heartwarming. 36-year-old Seattle resident Dan Garrett recently has the power of social media to thank for saving his life, after his wife created a Facebook page campaign looking for a matching-type kidney donor to offer an organ to Garrett, when he faced a life-threatening…

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