Month: May 2012

Facebook IPO Arrives Today

Published 9 years ago May 18th, 2012

Facebook is currently worth $100 billion, and today could be the day you could own a very small percentage of the social media behemoth, as Facebook’s Initial Public Offering arrives. Facebook has priced its IPO shares at $38, and is expected to see $16 billions worth of shares bought within days of the time the…

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Budweiser and Will.I.Am Create Vinyl Ad

Published 9 years ago May 17th, 2012

Vinyl records have drifted in and out of popularity over the past ten years, with their chic image being much more appealing than CDs and tape cassettes. Budweiser and former Black Eye Peas frontman, Will.I.Am, recently came together in a first for marketing; a vinyl magazine ad. The ad contains Will.I.Am’s new single, “Great Times”,…

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NCDV Raise Awareness Through Interactive Ad

Published 9 years ago May 16th, 2012

The National Centre for Domestic Violence in the United Kingdom have come up with an innovative way of raising awareness of domestic abuse and how victims can be helped. At an underground train station, a series of large monitors are used as focal points where a waiting patron can virtually drag an abuser from their…

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Going Viral: Sprite – The World’s Biggest Drink Machine

Published 9 years ago May 15th, 2012

Many successful marketing campaigns are based on a simple idea or premise, and makes one wonder how they did not think of it before. Sprite have come up with such an idea, where they have expressed their main selling point of refreshment into a visually impressive marketing stunt, that gets their message across loud and…

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Lynx Present First Invisible Ad

Published 9 years ago May 14th, 2012

An abandoned house causing a stir is the centre of Lynx’s new campaign for their new range body sprays aimed at both men and women. To the untrained eye the house, located in Sydney, has whitened boards for windows, and not much seems amiss. However, when viewing through special sunglasses, it can be seen that…

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Six Months On: Louis CK’s Unique Way of Releasing a Film

Published 9 years ago May 11th, 2012

On 10 December 2011, comedian Louis CK released a film of his stand-up routine, Live at the Beacon Theater. Instead of selling the rights to the gig to a big-time TV company, he decided to cut out the middle-man, and release it straight to the public for download through his website, for the modestly-priced sum…

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Going Viral: Volswagen Passat Commercial

Published 9 years ago May 10th, 2012

Many car commercials use humour to get across a point about a feature or several features about their product. In recent times, Volkswagen have been a company that has relied on this form of storytelling, such as The Force commercial that was released at the start of 2011. However, in a new commercial for the…

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Flash Mob in Copenhagen Play Peer Gynt

Published 9 years ago May 9th, 2012

Danish classical music radio station, Radio Klassik, recently advertised themselves through a flash mob-style video, that hit home their goal of bringing soothing and beautiful music to the masses. On a Copenhagen Metro line, unsuspecting passengers were treated to a rendition of Peer Gynt by a group of violinists, flutists and other players. The emotion…

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Could You Live on $1.50 Worth of Food In a Day?

Published 9 years ago May 8th, 2012

A new social media campaign is challenging people to live on $1.50 worth of food a day, in an attempt to recreate this budgetary situation that 1.4 billion people on earth must live through, and ultimately raise awareness about such poverty. The campaign is named Live Below the Line and is supported by Australian actor…

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Jennifer Lopez Premieres New Video on Twitter

Published 9 years ago May 4th, 2012

Yesterday Jennifer Lopez unveiled the video to her new song, Follow The Leader, on Twitter after a week of anticipation and promotion. As expected, the video racked up thousands of views within seconds, and really demonstrated the direct connection that artists and celebrities have with their fans in the modern age via social media. If…

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