Month: June 2012

News 350 Times More Likely to Be Shared on Facebook Than Google+

Published 7 years ago June 29th, 2012

Rippla, a company that measures how organisations perform on social media, have recently examined Google+’s usership compared to Facebook on the first anniversary of its debut. The most astounding find was that breaking news stories is 350 times more likely to be shared on Facebook than Google+, which shows how badly the once much-anticipated Google…

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Liking a Page Represents Brand Loyalty According to Study

Published 7 years ago June 28th, 2012

The CMO recently conducted a study into the relationship between customers and fan pages on social networks, most notably Facebook. Although the main reason why people like a Facebook page according to marketers was because content on the page was “agreeable”, it is actually more to do with brand loyalty, according to customers. 57% of…

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Toyota Etios Asks You to Tweet for Sweets

Published 7 years ago June 27th, 2012

Toyota promoted their car, the Etios, in a fun way that includes social media and guerrilla marketing in South Africa. They set up a “Smile Machine” in front of an empty shop window, that would dispense a sweet to passerbys who tweeted what makes them smile with the hashtag, #etiossmile. Once the tweet was digested…

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Louis CK to Sell Tour Tickets Himself

Published 7 years ago June 26th, 2012

Comedian Louis CK has continued his simple approach to marketing himself online by selling upcoming tour tickets directly from his website, without the need for a middle man such as a company like Ticketmaster. The tickets are at a low $45, which cut out any price hike such as a ticketing service charge. He has…

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Facebook Launches “Find Friends Nearby” for Mobile

Published 7 years ago June 25th, 2012

Facebook have added a new feature for mobile users to try out – the “Find Friends Nearby” function, which, as the name suggests, allows you to find friends nearby. How it works is if you meet Jane Smith and want to add her as a friend, the find friends feature will search for the nearest…

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Facebook Lets You Edit Comments

Published 7 years ago June 22nd, 2012

It beggars belief that it took this long, but finally Facebook have added the capacity to edit comments. Before this, if you wanted to change your comment because of a typo or some other reason, you would have had to delete the comment and type it again (or copy and paste the previous erroneous comment…

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Only 30% of Brands Using Social Media Effectively

Published 7 years ago June 21st, 2012

At the convention Le Web this week, Socialbakers founder Jan Rezab revealed that 70% of questions asked by fans on brand social media pages are ignored. Rezab went on to state that while 80% – 90% of business use social media, only 30% are using it effectively, through engaging with and responding to fans. He…

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Gabriel Scientific Choose AGENT Digital

Published 7 years ago June 19th, 2012

Gabriel Scientific winners of the Irish Times Innovation Awards 2012 have chosen AGENT Digital as their Digital Marketing Partner. Gabriel Scientific is a life sciences company, focused on the research and development based design and manufacture of innovative technologies to improve quality of sleep. The company provides special focus on solving the twin global problems…

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The Body Shop Ireland Partner With AGENT Digital

Published 7 years ago June 19th, 2012

We are delighted to announce that AGENT Digital has won The Body Shop Ireland eCommerce contract. The Body Shop Ireland have chosen the AGENT Digital e-Commerce team to create their Irish store. Our team will be creating The Body Shop Ireland online store with a state of the art e-Commerce engine complete with a robust and…

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Vending Machine Lets You ‘Tweet for Tea’

Published 7 years ago June 18th, 2012

South African brand BOS Ice Tea has created a Twitter-powered vending machine that will vend a free sample if you tweet to its account. When the machine’s account (@bos) receives a tweet containing the hashtag #BOSTWEET4T the free sample is dispensed. The machine was created by Cape Town-based Cow Africa, which has made it exceptionally…

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