Month: August 2012

Going Viral: Toyota GT86 – The Real Deal

Published 8 years ago August 22nd, 2012

The year is is already approaching its final third, and it is almost time to start reviewing the ads of the year. One advert that is sure to be in the shortlist is the new commercial from Toyota promoting their GT86 model. The ad takes place in a CGI city, where ‘feeling’ is a capital…

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Zuckerberg Endorsement Leads to Major Success for Start-Up

Published 8 years ago August 21st, 2012

Over the weekend, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg let his 15 million subscribers on Facebook know that he was grilling a Fred’s Steak with the aid of an app that keeps track of food’s temperature and lets you know what else is being grilled around the world, called iGrill. iGrill was a moderately successful start up…

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Axe Promote Facebook Competition Through ‘Epic’ Ad

Published 8 years ago August 20th, 2012

Axe bodyspray have promoted their Carribean island holiday giveaway through a stylish new ad that combines cliches of classic action films, against a soundtrack of a parody tension-building theme. The video features a v-shaped formation of boats approaching a tropical island, with everything ready for when they arrive, including bartenders making cocktails, masseuses and a…

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Old Spice Interactive Game – Dangerzone

Published 8 years ago August 30th, 2012

Old Spice adverts are the among the most eagerly anticipated adverts today, with figures such as Isiah Mustafa and Fabio providing much mirth in recent years. Another famous ambassador of Old Spice’s manly scent is actor and former pro footballer Terry Crews, whose muscled-bound figure has been previously used by Old Spice to promote the…

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Google Doodle – Save the Penalty

Published 8 years ago August 10th, 2012

If you have that Friday feeling and are in a mood for some fun, try out today’s Olympic-themed Google Doodle – a penalty shoot-out game to mark the final of the Olympic soccer event. The doodles have attracted much praise since Google made the switch half-way through the Olympics from static images to fun-filled, interactive…

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Instacube – The Perfect Frame for Your Instagram Photo

Published 8 years ago August 29th, 2012

A new project from Kickstarter takes your Instagram photos from your phone and displays them on to a 600 x 600 pixels screen, which is featured on an Instagram-styled cube. Instacube streams the pictures wirelessly and can toggle through feeds, which creates a living canvas of your photographs. With almost 4 weeks still to go…

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Ben & Jerry’s Facebook App – Wanna Spoon?

Published 8 years ago August 15th, 2012

The number of friends the average person has on Facebook is roughly between 200 and 250 friends. However, the likelihood is that your are very good friends with 10, good friends with 50, and most likely polite acquaintances with the rest, with whom you would have hardly any interaction with in real life or on…

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Bluebird Care Announces 510 new Jobs

Published 8 years ago August 13th, 2012

Great news – Our client Bluebird Care has announced the creation of 335 new jobs across the country over the next six months. The company already announced 175 of the jobs last month in Counties Wicklow, Donegal, Leitrim, Mayo and Sligo. The positions are for care assistants and support workers nationwide. Cavan, Monaghan & Louth will receive the…

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Jeremy Lin Skypes With Heartbroken Fan

Published 8 years ago August 9th, 2012

NBA star Jeremy Lin became an internet sensation earlier this year when he spear-headed an unlikely revival of the New York Knicks in the 2011-12 championship. ‘Linsanity’ has continued this summer, as a result of a 5 year old Knicks fan’s sad reaction to Lin leaving and joining the Houston Rockets. Lin came across the…

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Obama Hosts Q&A Session on Reddit

Published 8 years ago August 31st, 2012

During this past week, US President Barack Obama created a Reddit account to host a question and answers session with users of the site, ahead of the election in November. Obama opened with, “Hi, I’m Barack Obama, President of the United States. Ask me anything. I’ll be taking your questions for half an hour starting…

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