Month: August 2012

New Options For Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” Button

Published 9 years ago August 27th, 2012

Google have enhanced the properties of their “I’m Feeling Lucky” button by adding a few more feelings, including hungry, puzzled, playful, stellar, doodley, artistic, wonderful and trendy. When the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button is hovered over the list of options will appear in the style of a slot machine, before landing on a random feeling….

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Twitter Helps Man Be Reunited With Olympic Ticket

Published 9 years ago August 16th, 2012

Cameron Montgomery found an Olympic ticket at a train station in North London on the morning of 3 August, but instead of using the ticket himself to attend the Games or sell it (the ticket was worth almost £300), Montgomery decided to try and reunite the ticket with its rightful owner – via Twitter. After…

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150 Million Tweets Posted During London 2012

Published 9 years ago August 14th, 2012

Twitter have announced some startling statistics regarding the 2012 Olympics in London, including the fact that 150 million tweets were posted during the 16-day event. Notable tweeting sprees included Usain Bolt’s performances during the 100m and 200m finals, with 80,000 and 74,000 tweets-per-minute (TPM) being registered. This was later eclipsed by the subject of the…

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Google Doodle – Save the Penalty

Published 9 years ago August 10th, 2012

If you have that Friday feeling and are in a mood for some fun, try out today’s Olympic-themed Google Doodle – a penalty shoot-out game to mark the final of the Olympic soccer event. The doodles have attracted much praise since Google made the switch half-way through the Olympics from static images to fun-filled, interactive…

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Google Doodle Features Basketball Game

Published 9 years ago August 8th, 2012

Google have really got into the spirit of the Olympics this year, commemorating each day of the event with a Google Doodle related to an event that is on show that day. Yesterday, an interactive hurdling game was featured on the home page, allowing the user to try and earn a good score which they…

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AGENT Digital Launches Real Italian Foodies Website!

Published 9 years ago August 3rd, 2012

There was a great buzz around the office yesterday when we launched the Real Italian Foodies website. The multi-award winning restaurant La Cucina was created  by couple Bruno Coppola and Lorraine Fanneran over nine years ago. The idea for Real Italian Foodie sauces came about in Nov 2010. With the launch of their new website they…

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Obama Hosts Q&A Session on Reddit

Published 8 years ago August 31st, 2012

During this past week, US President Barack Obama created a Reddit account to host a question and answers session with users of the site, ahead of the election in November. Obama opened with, “Hi, I’m Barack Obama, President of the United States. Ask me anything. I’ll be taking your questions for half an hour starting…

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Instacube – The Perfect Frame for Your Instagram Photo

Published 8 years ago August 29th, 2012

A new project from Kickstarter takes your Instagram photos from your phone and displays them on to a 600 x 600 pixels screen, which is featured on an Instagram-styled cube. Instacube streams the pictures wirelessly and can toggle through feeds, which creates a living canvas of your photographs. With almost 4 weeks still to go…

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Going Viral – Fake Celebrity Pranks New York

Published 9 years ago August 28th, 2012

New York was the location for the iconic Martin Scorsese film, Taxi Driver, whose famous tag line was “On every street in every city, there’s a nobody who dreams of being a somebody“. 37 years later in 2012, this statement has been brought to life spectacularly by Brett Cohen. Brett Cohen is a normal, everyday…

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YouTube for Business: Hoopmixtape Find the Next Basketball Stars

Published 9 years ago August 24th, 2012

What do current NBA stars John Wall, Derrick Rose and Brandon Jennings all have in common? Their talents were all brought to the attention of the world through Hoopmixtape, a project that creates videos showcasing the up-and-coming talent on the USA’s highschool basketball scene, with the intention of the videos to go viral. Their latest…

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