Month: October 2012

Going Viral: Coke Zero – James Bond “Skyfall”

Published 6 years ago October 31st, 2012

Coke Zero have built something of a reputation for themselves with high-octane commercials that parody action film sequences, and in a new advert they take on the biggest action film franchise of all time, James Bond. However, instead of creating a James Bond-esque commercial with a big budget and stunt actors, they instead show unsuspecting…

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Jameson Create Interactive “Apple Attack” Billboard

Published 6 years ago October 30th, 2012

Fans of classic fixed shooter games like Space Invaders are in for a treat with a new interactive ad campaign from Jameson Irish Whiskey. Jameson have created several interactive billboards in Australia that, when scanned by a smartphone, activate the Apple Attack game. Gamers can publish their score on Facebook and invite others to challenge…

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251 Million People Play Games on Facebook

Published 6 years ago October 26th, 2012

35 million more people are gaming on Facebook than in 2011, so the social media giant has recently revealed. The range of games include action, casino and strategy – but the most played games are arcade/puzzle type games and simulation games. Top games that have emerged in the last year include Song Pop and Words…

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App Shames Bad Drivers Publicly

Published 7 years ago October 25th, 2012

A Russian online newspaper is leading a crusade against bad drivers by publicly humiliating them online. The Parking Douche app enables users to take photos of badly-parked cars, type in its description and licence number and send it to the newspaper. A pop-up will then appear on the site for those in the vicinity of…

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Felix Baumgartner’s Fall is Red Bull’s Social Media Gain

Published 7 years ago October 24th, 2012

Felix Baumgartner’s jump on 14th October captured the attention of millions of viewers online, and all who saw Felix could not escape some sort of advertising from Red Bull in the process, from on-page banners to Baumgartner’s suit itself. Also on show were Red Bull social media icons, inviting viewers to like, follow and share…

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AGENT Digital Sponsors Spider Awards

Published 7 years ago October 23rd, 2012

AGENT Digital is Sponsoring the “Web design & Development Agency” category in the 2012 Eircom Spider Awards. We are happy to support the Eircom Spider Awards this year. It is a fantastic event for the Digital & Business Community within Ireland. We look forward to a great night out on the 1st of November in…

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Peter Gabriel Facebook Fans Recreate Sledgehammer Video

Published 7 years ago October 23rd, 2012

Former Genesis prog-rocker Peter Gabriel has asked his fans on Facebook to recreate the stop-motion video for his 1986 hit single Sledgehammer. Fans can go to the Sledgehammer tab of his Facebook page and recreate a little piece of the video themselves. The promotion coincides with the 25th release of his album ‘So’.

Going Viral: Will It Blend – iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3

Published 7 years ago October 22nd, 2012

Blendtec are back with Tom Dickson reprising his usual role as the technology-blending mad scientist in a new head-to-head video that pits Apple’s new iPhone 5 and Samsung’s new Galaxy S3. I think we all know by now that the title Will it Blend? has become something of an empty phrase, as it is certain…

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New Look for LinkedIn Pages Coming Soon

Published 7 years ago October 19th, 2012

LinkedIn has followed up their new look layout that they rolled out over the summer with a radical new look for individual pages. The new look will see the profile picture become bigger, and place more emphasis on activity. Users can sign up to the waiting list for the new profile, similar to Facebook’s Timeline…

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Toyota Corolla – Cat Sacrifices Nine Lives and More

Published 7 years ago October 18th, 2012

Toyota have created a hilarious video showcasing the quality of being in a Toyota Corolla through the perspective of a somewhat willingly injury-prone cat. The commercial opens with the cat going to the vet with a genuinely injured paw, but after taking a ride in the Corolla once, the cat will do anything to take…

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