Month: October 2012

QR Code Raises Awareness About Homelessness

Published 7 years ago October 16th, 2012

With winter coming, homelessness charities will be well into the advanced stages of their marketing campaigns in order to highlight the plight of those living on the streets in harsh conditions. One way this was achieved last winter by the charity Simon on the Streets was through QR codes, which were placed on cardboard on…

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Record Space Jump Breaks YouTube Records Also

Published 7 years ago October 15th, 2012

Felix Baumgartner’s jump from space on Sunday broke Joseph Kittinger’s 1960 freefall jump, with Baumgartner jumping from a height of 120,000 feet. Baumgartner also broke the record for highest manned balloon flight, as well as recording a speed of over 700mph. Another record that was broken by the historic jump was YouTube’s most viewed live…

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Gangnam Style Become’s 9th Most Viewed YouTube Video of All Time

Published 7 years ago October 12th, 2012

The clear runner for viral video of the year, outshining even that of Kony2012 (remember that?), is South Korean pop sensation PSY with the incredible catchy tune “Gangnam Style”, and its humorous and surreal video. The video, which was uploaded on July 15, has just broken into the top 10 most watched YouTube videos of…

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Going Viral: Ohio State Marching Band Video Game Tribute

Published 7 years ago October 10th, 2012

For fans of old-school video games such as Space Invaders and Super Mario Land, the video game tribute held by the Ohio State Marching Band is required viewing. The video of the performance on YouTube has racked up an incredible 5.5 million views since being uploaded Sunday evening. It features the 225 performers not only…

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MySpace Gets Revamp

Published 7 years ago October 9th, 2012

MySpace has gone under a radical transformation recently, with the hope that the social media site can become relevant once again with its slick new design. The site’s decline began in earnest in early 2008, as would-be king Facebook took over as the biggest social media platform on the internet. The new site looks like…

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Strongbow Create First “Digital” Bottle Cap

Published 7 years ago October 8th, 2012

The cider brand Strongbow have come up with an innovative way to put a unique spin on an ordinary night out, by creating the world’s first “digital bottle cap”. The bottle cap has a sealed attached to it that when broken sets off a chain of events in the immediate area. These include checking you…

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Facebook Celebrates 1 Billion Users With First TV Ad

Published 7 years ago October 5th, 2012

The Founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, today announced that the social media site had surpassed the 1 billion users mark in an offical Facebook blog entry. Whether by coincidence or not the first video advert for Facebook was also released today (the 90 second clip does not make reference to Facebook having exceeded…

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Movie Extra Becomes More Popular Than Tom Cruise Thanks to Reddit

Published 7 years ago October 4th, 2012

Not many people will have heard of Alexander Rhodes, but according to the biggest movie information database, IMDB, he is a bigger star than Tom Cruise. This came about when Rhodes interacted on the site Reddit, and mentioned that he was a movie extra work as well as leaving a link to his IMDB account….

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Minister Visits AGENT Digital Offices

Published 7 years ago October 3rd, 2012

The Minister for Jobs Richard Bruton visited the AGENT Digital Limerick offices last week. The Minister was in Limerick to announce the creation of the 400 New Northern Trust Jobs in Limerick by 2018 & also to celebrate the birthday of the University of Limerick’s Nexus Innovation Centre – Great news for Limerick! It was great…

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Eircom Spider Awards 2012

Published 7 years ago October 2nd, 2012

Its hard to believe its that time of year again, its time for the 2012 Eircom Spider Awards. Great news – this year we have 5 AGENT Digital client websites that have entered the awards under various categories. Were looking forward to this years event on the 1st of November in the Convention Centre in Dublin….

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