Month: February 2013

Yahoo Bans Working at Home

Yahoo! Bans Working At Home

Published 6 years ago February 28th, 2013

Yahoo! has had a busy week, simultaneously releasing their new homepage for the market and internally altering the way they operated as a company. On the exterior, Yahoo!’s new homepage has increased the size of the search bar and has made it so that the news stories become personalized the more that you click into…

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Paying for Youtube Channels

Paying for YouTube Channels

Published 6 years ago February 27th, 2013

YouTube has a code in it’s update for the YouTube android app that indicates the bringing in of paid subscription YouTube channels. The code explains that you cannot subscribe or unsubscribe to a paid YouTube channel on the app, and must do so at a computer. It has also been reported that YouTube has reached out to…

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Retail Excellence Ireland’s ETailers Meeting

Published 6 years ago February 26th, 2013

“Irish consumers spent €3.7bn on-line in 2012 and this spend is forecasted to grow to €5.7bn by 2016” It was a fantastic meeting today for the Retail Excellence Ireland’s ETailers meeting. It was great to meet clients, other REI Preferred Suppliers & hear the views of other “E-Tailers” in regards to eCommerce & Online Marketing….

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New Twitter API

Published 6 years ago February 26th, 2013

Twitter has released their new ‘Twitter API‘. This provides a Twitter advertising platform in order to increase Twitter for business as well as pleasure. With the new API, Twitter marketing will be much easier to achieve. Twitter advertising could be automated to reach target audiences directly and can be translated by Twitter as opposed to manually…

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AGENT Digital Staff’s First Aid Training

Published 6 years ago February 25th, 2013

A big thank you to the staff at STAC First Aid Training who trained our Limerick Office today. At AGENT Digital we believe it is essential that all team members should have a good knowledge of First Aid Training in the case of an emergency in the office. The company arranged for the First Aid…

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CueCommerce on Cork Radio

Published 6 years ago February 25th, 2013

AGENT Digital MD Kevin Meaney spoke with Shane Supple of Radio Youghal last week in regards to eCommerce & the launch of CueCommerce. Kevin spoke in detail about eCommerce websites, eCommerce integration & how Irish Retailers can take advantage of eCommerce and growing their business online with CueCommerce.  

Oscar Online

The Oscars Online: Entertainment Superbowl

Published 6 years ago February 25th, 2013

The 2013 Oscars are, for the first time in Academy Awards history, available for streaming online. From today until Wednesday, the Channel ABC is providing the Oscars through their website or alternatively through Hulu. The 85th Academy Awards had given Oscars this year to Adele for ‘Skyfall‘ in the category of Best Original Song, Daniel Day…

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Win the contest, buy the product

Google Glass’ Expensive Exploration

Published 6 years ago February 22nd, 2013

It’s only recently come out of ‘Google Project: Glass‘ phase and is looking to hit shelves next year. Google has already being advertised on Google Plus, and it’s something people are talking about. The direction of the internet itself could potentially be influenced by the product – a pair of ‘glasses’ with a little square…

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MTV BET 'Hack'

MTV and BET’s ‘MTVHack’

Published 6 years ago February 21st, 2013

The Twitter account of Burger King has been hacked this week in what was called by the hacking group Anonymous in ‘OPMadCow’, drawing public attention towards the burger company. In the hacking, the company gained roughly 30,000 twitter followers amidst the madness, as the profile’s picture was changed to a McDonald’s logo, and tweets made…

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19 Clicks

19 Clicks of Separation

Published 6 years ago February 20th, 2013

According to Albert-László Barabási, a Hungarian physicist and researcher, every web-page is only, at most, 19 clicks away from any other. The paper detailing his research appeared in the publication ‘The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society’ recently. Though this research should be taken with a touch of salt; he counted search engines as a single click,…

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