Month: March 2013

Oreos Cookies Vs Creme

Oreo’s Cookies Vs Creme Campaign

Published 9 years ago March 5th, 2013

Oreo’s has recently been running their ‘Cookie Vs Creme’ marketing campaign on Instagram and is working on a series of ads over the next 2 weeks on YouTube in order to try and improve their YouTube following. The advertisement tells the story of an Oreo-loving inventor who has made a machine to separate the cookie…

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Koryolink: North Korea’s Internet Access

Published 9 years ago March 4th, 2013

North Korea has recently activated a new internet connection for foreigners called ‘Koryolink‘. The country still has strict regulation on internet access for it’s citizens, but the activation of the network Koryolink does mean that visitors to the country can now, for a notably high price, access their social networks and the internet through their…

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GlobeIn Beta E-Commerce Site

Published 9 years ago March 1st, 2013

GlobeIn is an e-commerce based business which opened beta Wednesday. It links artisans from around the world with prospective buyers through the internet. This, understandably, greatly increases the artisan’s market. One might first think of similar ideas such as the web-market Etsy, but the difference here is that where Etsy charges a small fee to the artisans who…

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