Month: April 2013

Volkswagon’s Organic Search Ad

Published 6 years ago April 30th, 2013

The key marketers at Volkswagon certainly were very clever with their latest online marketing campaign. They used the typical SEO functions to bring their images from 5 different sites together to make an image on Google Search. If you had typed in ‘Ultimate Business Car‘ into Google Search, you would have for quite some time…

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New Yahoo App Improvements

Published 6 years ago April 29th, 2013

Yahoo has been working on a lot of app development recently. On Monday the 22nd of April, the new Yahoo iOS app with Summly features was introduced to the market. The app is for news and articles, and starts default setting in a very old fashioned Yahoo format, without much formatting and no large images,…

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Twitter to Increase Security

Published 6 years ago April 26th, 2013

Twitter is developing two step verification after hackers from the ‘Syrian Electronic Army’ supposedly made a series of hacks on major channels across the social media, including hitting such targets as the BBC, CBS and Associated Press’ Twitter accounts. Two step verification is when your login and password is step one and the second part requires you…

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Tumblr mobile advertising

Published 6 years ago April 25th, 2013

Tumblr, one of the top ten internet services visited daily, just opened up it’s mobile market to advertisers. The announcement came that this would be happening a number of months ago, and they have kept their word. The advertisements will appear in a users feed no more than four times a day per user, and will blend…

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Mobile Ad Revenue More Than Doubled in a Year

Published 6 years ago April 24th, 2013

A recently published report called the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau’s) Internet Advertising Revenue Report, saw 2012 in review gain a total revenue increase of 15%. In 2011 internet revenue from advertising reached a healthy 31.74 billion US Dollars in the United States alone. In 2012, however, the revenue was a total of 36.57 US Dollars….

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Worldwide Facebook Home

Published 6 years ago April 23rd, 2013

Tuesday the 16th of April saw Facebook Home begin it’s unveiling to the wider world outside of the United States. The Android devices that can accept the software are still limited however, including the HTC One X, X+, Samsung Galaxy S 3, and Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It will later grow with Samsung and HTC…

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No Advertising on Google Glass

Published 6 years ago April 22nd, 2013

Google has recently released it’s Google Glass API. Now Developers who are looking into the smart wearable technology have a chance to get their hands dirty and start working on app development for the product. However, though there has been much hype, Google Glass will not be allowing any form of advertising through it’s product….

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YouTube Mobile Live Streaming

Published 6 years ago April 19th, 2013

YouTube has recently released version 1.3 for it’s mobile app for iOS. This update allows for improved live streaming through mobile devices. It has come to a great relief to many who now find the service improved. Quick access to the subscriptions section of YouTube is included, as well as the ability to queue videos…

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Facebook: The High Price of Video Ads

Published 6 years ago April 18th, 2013

Facebook is seeking buckets and buckets of money in order for companies to put up video ads on the social network. The ads will appear on newsfeed during this summer, possibly as early as June. Facebook initially is asking for millions as commitments for each video ad. The social network is estimating making 4 million…

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Social Media & The Boston Marathon Explosions

Published 6 years ago April 16th, 2013

Monday the 15th of April, 2 bombs went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing 3 and injuring over 100. The Police at the time of writing were continuing to search for more information and more accounts of the incident in order to piece together the specifics of exactly what happened and…

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