Month: June 2013

Twitter Geo-Targeting Ads

Published 9 years ago June 28th, 2013

Twitter has recently unveiled yet another lucrative advertising feature to it’s lineup. Now, users can be ad-targeted based on location and geo-targeting. This feature was already there with city based advertisements, but now it goes down to the geo-targeting specific coordinate, and what stores you are actually standing around. Geo-targeting advertising has been fairly lucrative…

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Spam Consuming Vine

Published 9 years ago June 27th, 2013

Spam has become rampant on a substantial chunk of the popular micro-video app Vine. Reportedly hosting a greater active base of Twitter users that refer to it now more than they refer to Instagram, Vine seems to have attracted many a naive ‘marketer’ as well. These spammers can be seen in the screenshot shown. The…

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Play for the Prize Fridays

Published 9 years ago June 26th, 2013

We at AGENT Digital have taken to setting aside some time at the end of our busy and productive week to play a few rounds of sport.  Last Friday was the scene of a charming office event – including a cup, and a putter. We had four golfballs so figured that we would have four…

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New Definition for Tweet Added by Oxford

Published 9 years ago June 26th, 2013

The Oxford English dictionary has done it. They made Tweeting an official word, joining similar phenomena such as the verb ‘to Google’. Of course previously there has been the meaning of the noise which a bird makes, but now the Twitter term has also become an official meaning as well. Twitter has only been an…

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Instagram Introduces Video

Published 9 years ago June 25th, 2013

On the announcement last Thursday, the press was told that Instagram will get access to short 15-second video clips for users. This update has been rolled out, and means that it is now a primary competitor for the 6-second video-only sharing app Vine. Facebook at the same event also announced that they would be allowing…

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Twitter & Chase for Small Businesses

Published 9 years ago June 21st, 2013

Twitter announced on Monday that it has given small businesses with american banking group Chase one million US dollars in free advertising through Twitter Credits. The advertising will be awarded to small businesses in one hundred dollar increments, and there will be more details about the programme in the fall. The awards will be given…

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Adobe Creative Day Marketing Campaign

Published 9 years ago June 20th, 2013

Adobe is soon to be hosting its Adobe Creative Day. To get people talking about the event, they started a creative marketing campaign centred around one of their strongest products, Photoshop. In a van outside of a busstop, a Photoshop professional lurked with a camera and took pictures of those waiting for public transport. He…

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Facebook Changes Ad Policies

Published 9 years ago June 19th, 2013

Facebook has recently minimised its advertising options in order to further solidify the foundational aspects of its service. They expressed in a blog post that they feel it will provide a better and more intuitive service for the businesses which it caters to. Now Facebook will simply have you chose what goal you have in…

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Facebook Announcement for the 20th, by Snail Mail

Published 9 years ago June 18th, 2013

Facebook has announced that they will be releasing a ‘big idea’ from a small group on the 20th of June. The last announcements that has been made by Facebook have been the release of Graph search into the public sphere as well as the announcement of Facebook Home over a month ago. It may be…

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Twitter Prefers Vine

Published 9 years ago June 14th, 2013

The video sharing application Vine has recently been released for Android, and as a result, it seems that it quickly has overtaken Instagram in total shares per day on the network Twitter. Vine is owned by Twitter, which would certainly help. Also, it should be noted that Instagram has recently remained stagnant in it’s growth…

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