Month: July 2013

Gmail Promotional Tab

Published 6 years ago July 31st, 2013

Gmail has recently made an update which has introduced tabs in an effort to make Gmail tidier. These tabs can come under a variety of things; Primary, Social, and Promotions for example. The promotional advertisements are in a separate tab now all to themselves, which can be seen as a lump sum or ignored altogether….

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Google Play Store Reaches 1 Million Apps

Published 6 years ago July 30th, 2013

Google Play for Android has reached 1 million apps, outdoing the App Store. Apple, who is the main competitor for the Android smartphone, last made the announcement in June at 900,000 apps available. This is a big event for Google because it now claims for itself the most dominant role in the smartphone culture, having…

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Facebook Launches Graph Search

Published 6 years ago July 29th, 2013

Following six months of trial, starting in January 2013, Facebook has finally started to roll out its new Graph Search feature to its US customers during the month of July. The roll out should extend to Europe in the coming weeks. Facebook’s new Graph Search will replace the old search bar feature.  It has been…

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And Then There Were 3

Published 6 years ago July 26th, 2013

The Royal Baby may not be as popular as the likes of Barack Obama, the Pope or Usain Bolt on social networking website Twitter but the newborn has reportedly received over 2 million mentions to date. On the evening of the announcement #RoyalBaby was trending on Twitter reportedly peaking at over 25,000 mentions per minute….

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Honda & #WantNewCar

Published 6 years ago July 24th, 2013

Honda is taking a note from the books of Old Spice and using the idea of an interactive response video campaign on social media to promote its car line. In this case however, it’s not responding to tweets with YouTube ads, but with Vine posts. The campaign is turning out to be of great success and…

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McCabes Pharmacies Shortlisted for Awards

Published 6 years ago July 23rd, 2013

Great News – Our Client McCabes Pharmacy eCommerce Website has been shortlisted in the category of Best Multi-Channel “wherever and whenever” eCommerce retailer in this year’s IIA Dot IE Net Visionary Awards. It would be great if you could help us out by voting for McCabes Pharmacies on the following link –  It’ll only take 5 seconds.–public-voting.html…

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Reddit Sends Pizza to Children’s Cancer Hospital

Published 6 years ago July 23rd, 2013

A picture was posted to Reddit that showed the window for the children’s cancer hospital. The patients there had put up a sign on the window saying ‘Send Pizza Rm 4112’. The image quickly moved to Reddit‘s front page and their wish was granted. Well over 20 boxes of pizza were purchased by the Reddit…

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Twitter helping reduce time in purgatory?

Published 6 years ago July 22nd, 2013

If you were ever in doubt as to the importance of social media in the world today then what would you say if using Twitter could offer you an express route out of purgatory? A Papal court has ruled that repentant Catholics may be offered time off purgatory if they follow Pope Francis on Twitter….

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Sharknado and Social Media

Published 6 years ago July 19th, 2013

Sharknado came out on SyFy channel on Thursday the 11th of July, and lit Twitter up. The premise was as simple as sharks swept up by a tornado and hitting LA, and ended up creating the most talked about disaster/creature movie in years. It was a top trending topic on Twitter. The social media network…

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Dropbox Now Has 175 million Users

Published 6 years ago July 18th, 2013

Technology firm Dropbox says it now has more than 175 million users. That’s an increase of 75 million users from November 2012. Its users are syncing over a billion files a day including videos, photos and documents. Dropbox announced the increase in numbers at its first developer conference at the Fort Mason Center in San…

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