Month: August 2013

Mayer Lifts Yahoo

Published 9 years ago August 30th, 2013

In the battle for web traffic Yahoo has overtaken Google in the US for the first time since 2011 according to digital analyst comScore. The figures relate to July of this year with Yahoo attracting 197 million unique visits in the US, up 21% for the same period last year. Google on the other hand…

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Kmart “Big Gas” Savings Viral

Published 9 years ago August 29th, 2013

After the success of Kmart’s “Ship my pants” advert, the retail giant is back playing on words with their follow up advertisement “Big Gas Savings“. The “Big Gas Savings” advert was released at the end of May and has received almost 6 million views to date in comparison to over 19 million to date for…

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Web Traffic Plummets during Google Outage

Published 9 years ago August 28th, 2013

On Friday August 16th Google suffered from an outage that lasted from anything between 1 and 5 minutes. All of the company’s services were thought to have been effected during this period. These of course would include Gmail, Google Search, YouTube and Google Docs among others. The outage reportedly cost Google over half a million…

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Microsoft pilot “Bing for Schools”

Published 9 years ago August 27th, 2013

Microsoft’s running battle with Google entered new territory last Wednesday when the software giant took the fight to the classroom. The company are piloting a new program called “Bing for Schools” that will offer educational users of the search engine an ad free experience. Microsoft has signed up with a number of American school districts…

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Zuckerberg Facebook Account Hacked

Published 9 years ago August 26th, 2013

The Facebook security team faced up to an embarrassing incident in the last two weeks which saw founder Mark Zuckerberg having his Timeline hacked. An unemployed Palestinian developer named Khalil Shreateh had unsuccessfully tried to report a bug to Facebook’s security team. The bug allowed anyone to post to a Wall even if not on…

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Google Blocks Microsoft’s New YouTube App

Published 9 years ago August 23rd, 2013

The public deterioration of Google’s relationship with Microsoft continued when the Internet giant blocked the YouTube app for users of the Windows phone. Google claim the reason behind the move is that the app violates their terms of use. This is the second time Google haven take such action following a similar situation earlier in…

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Facebook testing Mobile Shopping

Published 9 years ago August 22nd, 2013

Facebook intends to test a new payments product in a bid to simplify mobile purchases according to Tech blog AllThingsD. The product would require users to store their credit card details on their Facebook site. The user would then be allowed to make purchases on partnering e-commerce mobile apps without entering any billing information. The…

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Microsoft Accuses Google of Reading Private Emails

Published 9 years ago August 21st, 2013

As part of its “Scroogled” campaign Microsoft has accused Google of reading private emails of its Gmail users.  Gmail’s recent redesign means that its inbox is now split into three sections, a Primary tab, a Social tab and a Promotions tab.  The Primary tab is your regular inbox, the Social tab is for social networking…

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New York Times Outage

Published 9 years ago August 20th, 2013

The New York Times website went down on Wednesday the 14th for a few hours, causing widespread dismay and an intense social media reaction. Twitter certainly had a lot to say about the absence of news from the network. However this gap in information didn’t last too long, as New York Times then proceeded to…

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CNN Website Redesign

Published 9 years ago August 19th, 2013

CNN reportedly invested in a new redesign of its news website. The website development of the well known network has incorporated a new and invigorated approach to its mobile and tablet view. Estenson, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of, said,”Mobile growth [is] off the chart.” Estenson admitted that the current version of the…

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