Month: August 2013

eCommerce Infographic

Published 7 years ago August 18th, 2013

The eCommerce landscape is rapidly changing – to help our clients and followers understand these change our eCommerce department CueCommerce have the created the “eCommerce Today” Infographic. The “eCommerce Today” Infographic is full of Stats and Tips in relation to ecommerce websites, ecommerce integration, ecommerce marketing etc. We hope you find this infographic interesting. If you…

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Facebook Trending Topics

Published 7 years ago August 16th, 2013

Facebook plans on experimenting with a trending topics banner on its page. However much of the public have met this with outcries that they still have not received the previous updates for the Facebook site that have been promised to them, many on waiting lists since it became available, while others who did not sign…

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IKEA’s Marketing App

Published 7 years ago August 15th, 2013

IKEA has recently added a new app to be used with its catalogue. The app development enables you to see what the piece of furniture would look like in your room. After scanning the catalogue page with your phone’s app, you then use the camera tool to augment the reality of the room you are in and place…

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Android Claims Slice of Apples pie

Published 7 years ago August 14th, 2013

Android has cemented its position at the summit of the smartphone operating system table with almost 80 per cent of the market share. Although the Apple operating system shipped 32 million units in the second quarter of this year, an increase of 6 million units from the same period last year, its market share still…

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Google Maps Ads

Published 7 years ago August 13th, 2013

Google Maps has recently added advertising into the search function of its famous and widely used programme. Although there were concerns of the increase of advertisements to the site, Google has made it so that the ads are not intrusive or overbearing to the viewer, and aims for them to help them rather than hinder…

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Viral: The World Without Mobile

Published 7 years ago August 12th, 2013

Here is a lighthearted advert from Qualcomm depicting what life would be like without mobile. The ad deals with the various mobile mediums, from receiving emails and spam, watching video on the go, tweeting, gaming, listening to music and updating your profile on a social networking site. Qualcomm’s previous viral video adverts have featured stunts…

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Yawn for Free Coffee

Published 7 years ago August 9th, 2013

Heathrow Airport recently introduced a new instalment as part of Douwe Egberts marketing campaign. This marketing campaign included a lot of gadgetry such as facial recognition. The coffee machine had sensors that would tell when the person standing in front of it was yawning, and would then respond by dispensing a fresh cup of joe….

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Seinfeld Tweets Help Land Dream Job

Published 7 years ago August 8th, 2013

Jack Moore co-creator of the very popular “Modern Seinfeld” Twitter account has landed his dream job as a sitcom writer as a result of his tweeting. Moore was added to Fox’s writing team for the U.S sitcom “Us and Them”, a comedy about online romance starring Alexis Bledel and Jason Ritter.  Modern Seinfeld boasts more…

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Facebook Stock Is Up

Published 7 years ago August 7th, 2013

Facebook shareholders had reason to be happy after the social networking giant posted a second quarter net income of $333 million compared with a loss of $157 over the same period last year. The upturn can be attributed to increased revenue coming from mobile advertising. Facebook didn’t hold a large presence in mobile advertising a…

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Facebook Introducing Embedded Posts

Published 7 years ago August 6th, 2013

Facebook recently launched a new way to share posts off the network. The embedded feature that it has introduced closely mimics that of Twitter. You can read the announcement here . On the social media network‘s embedded posts on other sites, you can still click the hashtags (another Twitter-based product), share or like the post or…

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