Month: October 2013

Dell Has Become a Private Company

Published 5 years ago October 30th, 2013

The company Dell has recently made its transition into being a private company once again. The transition into a private company was made at the acquisition of Dell by its founder, Michael Dell this past Tuesday. The deal cost Dell $24.9 Billion. Now that the business is back in his hands, he is taking it…

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Tips for a Successful Social Media Campaign

Published 5 years ago October 28th, 2013

When deciding that you want to make a social media campaign, there are many factors that need to be considered. Just how does a company get such an idea off the ground? In this post, we will review the essential tips that will help you gain support and followers during the campaign, and really get…

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Viral Videos of the Week – 25th October

Published 6 years ago October 25th, 2013

Another week rolls around, and the world of viral videos keeps rolling on with it. Today we are going to show the top 3 viral videos of the week. 1. I Towed Joey Graceffa’s Car This man retaliates against Joey Graceffa for posting a video in which he complained about his car being towed by…

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Google Hummingbird Explained

Published 6 years ago October 23rd, 2013

Google has made its biggest update in 12 years. This new search algorithm is called “Hummingbird”. Its important to understand Hummingbird is not a new algorithm update like Panda or Penguin. It’s a new algorithm. Panda and Penguin are parts of the new bigger algorithm. Hummingbird is the actual bigger algorithm. Google as a search engine…

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Twitter’s DM Adjustment

Published 6 years ago October 21st, 2013

Twitter has recently updated its service so that now users can opt to receive DM (Direct Messages) without following or having the other account follow them.  The feature has appeared over the past week and is still not yet available to all users, though some Twitter users have said that they have had the option…

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Viral Videos of the Week – October 18th 2013

Published 6 years ago October 18th, 2013

Here at AGENT Digital we bring you the best viral video picks from this week. This week we have ‘Hell No’  – a fake trailer for a horror movie where people do all the right things, and don’t make stupid choices. This has surprisingly gotten 3.9 million views in 3 days! Hell No: Superman’s 75th…

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Soko eCommerce Gives Opportunities to African Women

Published 6 years ago October 16th, 2013

An eCommerce company called Soko provides people, particularly women, in Africa and similar places within the third world the opportunity to become entrepreneurs. The company uses mobile phones in order to allow those in the third world to host a business selling such craft goods as jewelry. “Women in Africa produce 60 to 80 percent…

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Google Hummingbird

Google Announces ‘Hummingbird’

Published 6 years ago October 14th, 2013

Google has announced its update ‘Hummingbird‘ recently to celebrate its 15th Birthday. Hummingbird has been in effect for the last few months but has only recently been announced. Google has said about the updated that very little needed to change for SEOs and marketers. “Our guidance to webmasters is the same as always — we encourage…

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Viral Videos

Viral Videos – Dodge, Carrie & Jimmy Kimmel

Published 6 years ago October 11th, 2013

This week’s viral videos include some interesting entries. We have two highly successful marketing campaigns and a comedy piece from a talk show. All of these videos gained immense popularity in the space of a few days around the world.  Here are this week’s picks. Carrie: To advertise the coming remake of the film Carrie,…

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AGENT Digital Client Wins eCommerce Award

Published 6 years ago October 10th, 2013

Great news! AGENT Digital client McCabes Pharmacy who have won the IIA Dot Net Visonary Awards for best retailer online “whenever, where ever” category. Congratulations to all the team at McCabes Pharmacy – If you would like an award winning eCommerce Website call us today!

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