Month: November 2013

Viral Videos of the Week – November 29th

Published 5 years ago November 29th, 2013

Here’s a few entertaining videos from the week that gained a good bit of public attention and really set us in the mood for the holiday season. These are our selected best videos. What went viral this week? Ron Burgundy on the Late Late Toy Show 2013 Will Farrell  has been working endlessly on creating…

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eCommerce – Growth and Statistics

Published 5 years ago November 27th, 2013

So, many wonder just how the future of eCommerce, and the current eCommerce landscape’s laid out. eMarketer has put together this research that shows an interesting view of our online surroundings. It would seem that eCommerce ad spending has grown significantly this year. US retailers alone will have increased their ad spending 15.7% following growth…

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Time Magazine and Twitter – Person of the Year

Published 5 years ago November 25th, 2013

How is Time Magazine evolving with Social Media? Can Social media work with Traditional Media? Well, Time Magazine is working with Twitter in order to gather entrants and suggestions for this years iconic Person of the Year. Using the hashtag #TimePOY , anyone can put forth who they think should win the title. The Time…

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Viral Videos of the Week – 22 November

Published 5 years ago November 22nd, 2013

What videos have become viral? We have your answers. This week, we have a number of viral videos that have gained a lot of attention during this past week. Anniversary Prank Backfires! Filming pranks has been a trend pretty much since the internet became a thing. This prank however got turned on its head. Only posted…

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Top 5 Areas to Test for eCommerce Sites

Published 5 years ago November 20th, 2013

A/B Tests are very important for your eCommerce website to ensure that its design functions with the optimal conversion rate. For many businesses however, it’s a mystery as to which pages should be prioritized for this testing. Here we will present the top 5 sections of your eCommerce website that deserve attention. Product Pages The…

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Web Developer Internship Opening

Published 5 years ago November 20th, 2013

To Support the Job Bridge National Internship Scheme AGENT Digital has an Internship opening for a candidate looking for Industry experience in Website Development in our Limerick Offices. If you would like to gain National & International Industry experience with a Leading Digital Marketing Agency please CLICK HERE to view more detail on the internship…

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LinkedIn and Pulse Sync

Published 5 years ago November 18th, 2013

In social media this week, LinkedIn has brought Pulse into its app and website. On its official blog, LinkedIn explains how they have “been fully integrated to offer a more relevant news experience with content tailored to your professional interests, both on the Pulse app and on”  The upgraded news system has a number…

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Viral Videos of the Week – 15th of November 2013

Published 5 years ago November 15th, 2013

You may have been wondering ‘What videos have gone viral this week?’. Well, we have the answers. We bring you three videos that have gained a lot of public attention in the past few days. Ranging from young adults trying to look cool, a trailer for Ikea, and ending at a view of ancient Mars,…

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AGENT Digital Launches CueSEO

Published 5 years ago November 14th, 2013

As Search Marketing is evolving at break neck speed with Google updates such as Penguin, Panda and now Hummingbird we have created our latest offering – CueSEO. Much like CueCommerce our eCommerce Department focusing on our eCommerce Services,  CueSEO is our Search Department here at AGENT Digital keeping our clients and followers up to date…

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Flipboard Catalogues

Published 5 years ago November 13th, 2013

Flipboard has recently introduced a new feature to its app. Users and brands alike can now make catalogues. These can be very beneficial for eCommerce sites, as brands can make numerous catalogues about their different products, and advertise them through the Flipboard community. Inevitably, this will draw in window shoppers to the actual site, or…

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