Month: July 2014

Amazon's Panic Investment or Strategic Genius?

Amazon’s Panic Investment or Strategic Genius?

Published 5 years ago July 31st, 2014

Amazon has said it will invest a further 2 billion dollars to boost production in India after the success it endured during the early stages of the operation. The Indian branch of the website which only just opened in June of last year has become increasingly popular through special promotions such as same day delivery,…

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AGENT Digital Launches Hayes First Aid Ecommerce Website

Published 5 years ago July 31st, 2014

We are delighted to announce the launch of Hayes First Aid Supplies Ecommerce Website. The Hayes First Aid Supplies Website is a fully eCommerce & Mobile Responsive eCommerce Website. It was fantastic experience creating the Hayes First Aid Supplies Brand & Ecommerce Website during this project and we are really proud of the finished product…

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AGENT Digital Summer Night Out 2014

Published 5 years ago July 29th, 2014

In keeping with AGENT Digital tradition all the Production staff in our Limerick office had their Summer night out last week. Serious competition between Production members this year on the Go-Karting track! With all the team working hard throughout the year for all AGENT Digital clients its important to have a night out to celebrate. A great night…

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Vine's Great Appeal

The State of Vine For Marketers

Published 5 years ago July 28th, 2014

Many advertisers are coming up with interesting and creative ways to break into ad-free Vine’s 40 million user-base. Brands ‘stealth advertise‘ by paying Vine’s popular users to push products to their mass followings organically. Stealth advertising is such a big business that advertising and talent agencies serve roles as middlemen connecting Vine’s larger names to…

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A Day To Go Viral

Published 5 years ago July 25th, 2014

These videos went viral fast! In 24 hours, the internet exploded with the following few clips. They are well worth checking out for yourself! Harvard Students Invent Spray Cake This news broadcast talks about the new invention that everyone is surprised hasn’t already been made – spray-can cake batter. Sound weird? Very. 270,000 views isn’t bad…

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3 Ways to Gather Customer Data

Published 5 years ago July 23rd, 2014

Knowing your visitors is essential in running effective personalization marketing on your site. Despite this, many companies don’t actually ask for information which could help them target more effectively. If you suspect you aren’t getting the information you need, there are a few ways that you can change that. Site Registration When your visitors register…

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Facebook 'Buy' Button

Facebook ‘Buy’ Button

Published 5 years ago July 21st, 2014

Facebook is adding a ‘Buy’ button to the site which could make shopping as much a part of social networking as chatting. Some people will embrace it, others may find that Facebook’s taken one step too far. Shopping-adverse people may just decide to go elsewhere. Putting a ‘Buy’ button right on an ad or Page…

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Top 3 Videos This Week From Around The World

Published 5 years ago July 18th, 2014

These fantastic videos came from all around the globe. Weird Al has made something of a comeback, unleashing a new video every day this week. A Japanese lemon beverage went viral with parkouring schoolgirls, and a French supermarket started a clever and very shareable marketing campaign. Weird Al Yankovic’s ‘TACKY’ Weird Al is at…

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5 Methods For Growing Your Ecommerce Business

5 Methods For Growing Your Ecommerce Business

Published 5 years ago July 16th, 2014

When offered ways to grow your eCommerce business, the right response isn’t to hesitate with whether or not to implement these practices, but focus how you’re going to go about doing so. Right here we have five ways that you can expand your business for the future. Learn About Your Customers Understanding how your customers…

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Instagram Facts

4 Reasons Your Business Should Use Instagram

Published 5 years ago July 14th, 2014

Which site has 60 million photos shared and 1.6 billion likes every day, as well as a business focus with 200 million active users every month? Instagram is the fastest growing social network, with a design to show off your brand’s image beyond just product photos. Need some more convincing? The Decline of Facebook ‘I…

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