Month: November 2014

horse to France,KerryGold butter,old tv advert

Who’s bringing the horse to France?

Published 4 years ago November 28th, 2014

For this weeks’s Friday Flashback AGENT Digital brings you this (horse) chestnut of an old TV advert. Looking back now, we can’t help but wonder – who ever did end up bringing the horse to France? The KerryGold butter advertisement that baffled and bewildered a nation, featuring the young man from the movie ‘War of…

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paid promotions-digital marketing campaigns-online marketing

How Paid Promotions can complement SEO in digital marketing

Published 4 years ago November 26th, 2014

Paid promotions form part of a fully holistic digital marketing approach along with other important approaches such as SEO… At AGENT Digital we are constantly keeping abreast of the current trends in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)  in order to pass this knowledge on to our clients which in turn boosts their rankings. It is important…

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google contributor,contributor experiment

Google experiment with blocking Ads

Published 4 years ago November 24th, 2014

News about Google experimenting with a new feature that removes advertising must be a concern for online trading stakeholders… Google have called the experimental new innovation ‘Contributor’ as online users are asked to volunteer a sum of money in order to bypass being exposed to advertisers. The websites you visit then get a small percentage…

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Friday Flashback: Esat Digifone Text Message Advertising

Published 4 years ago November 21st, 2014

This week, AGENT Digital’s Friday Flashback features this old Esat Digifone text message advertising. Many of you will remember this famous text message advertising that had the catch-phrase “Hiya Kate, it’s me, the guy from the bar…No, honestly it is!”. We had to dig deep into the vault for this old Irish advert but what…

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Content for your SEO Campaign

Published 4 years ago November 19th, 2014

When creating content for your website to improve the overall online presence for your business, it is important to disseminate what type of content you want and what you want it to achieve. AGENT Digital brings you three categories of content that is typically distributed on a companies website and what the purpose of these…

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yorkie bar,tv advert

Friday Flashback: Yorkie’s “The Fugitive” TV advert

Published 4 years ago November 14th, 2014

It’s that time of the week again, it’s time for the Friday Flashback! This TV advert is now 20 years old, hard to believe! AGENT Digital brings the Yorkie TV advert which parodied the hugely popular film of that era The Fugitive with Harrison Ford. Check out this video for a quick trip down memory…

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cart abandonment

Dealing with Ecommerce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Published 4 years ago November 12th, 2014

Did you know that 65% of all eCommerce shopping carts are abandoned at the checkout stage? As we have seen previously, a lot of this has to do with the online retailers lack of a proper eCommerce checkout strategy and consequent customer dissatisfaction with the checkout process. Before we get any further into the detail of…

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samco agricultural manufacturing ltd

Samco win lucrative Chinese contract

Published 4 years ago November 10th, 2014

AGENT Digital client Samco Agricultural Manufacturing Ltd have secured a purchasing agreement with China-based Xingye Planting Ltd – on behalf of everyone here at AGENT Digital we would like to congratulate Samco and wish them continued success in the future – fantastic news. Samco Agricultural Manufacturing Ltd, a Limerick based company, based in Adare, are known…

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New Browsers eCommerce Website is Live!

Published 4 years ago November 7th, 2014

There was a great excitement around the AGENT Digital offices this week with the launch of the New Browsers Ecommerce Website! All the team gave this project absolutely everything and we are proud of the finished result that will take Browsers online trade to the next level. You can visit our clients website on Graphic Design…

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Web Summit 2014

AGENT Digital attend Web Summit 2014

Published 4 years ago November 6th, 2014

AGENT Digital is excited to report from this year’s Web Summit 2014. What has been labelled “Davos for Geeks,” this year’s Web Summit has undoubtedly been the most successful to date. Founded in 2010 as a think-in for the world’s leading tech companies, CEOs, innovators and investors, Ireland should be very proud at having created…

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