Month: December 2014

facebook develop drones

To 2015: Facebook to use Drones to connect users

Published 4 years ago December 22nd, 2014

With 2014 all but behind us, AGENT Digital looks to the new year to see what developments are in the pipeline in the world of social media, with Facebook providing a development of particular note, namely, that they are in the process of designing a solar-powered drone aeroplane to provide internet coverage to what is…

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Christmas Viral: Merry Christmas from AGENT Digital!

Published 4 years ago December 19th, 2014

Merry Christmas from all of us here at AGENT Digital. What a year it has been! As this is the final Friday before Christmas we bring you a couple of the most viral video clips on the web this Christmas. Earlier this year, the Disney released one of the smash hit movies of the year…

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AGENT Digital’s Tom Neville Fights for Charity

Published 4 years ago December 18th, 2014

Eighteen boxers, including AGENT Digital Senior Digital Account Manager Tom Neville, will take to the ring during Christmas to raise money for the new Kilfinny school childcare project. The white collar boxing event will take place on December 27 in the Rathkeale House Hotel. Tickets for the event can be purchased directly through the Rathkeale Boxing club. All the…

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Typical eCommerce Disasters: Hardcore Pawn

Published 4 years ago December 18th, 2014

After work yesterday evening  I was watching an episode of Living’s reality TV show “Hardcore Pawn” based around the day to day running of a successful Pawn business based in Detroit, USA. The business is run by Les Gold with his son Seth and daughter Ashley. What caught my attention was when Seth wanted to…

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ultimate guide to SEO

Today’s Guide to SEO

Published 4 years ago December 17th, 2014

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation to achieve Google Rankings was once a straight forward process. Over the years however Google has made changes to their search engine algorithms in order to weed out companies using “Black Hat” SEO Techniques and to clean up search as a whole online. cheating’ websites – websites that used “Black…

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Facebook drops Bing,back catalogue search,bing search dropped

Facebook drops Bing from it’s Search bar

Published 4 years ago December 15th, 2014

News that Facebook was providing a feature whereby users can quickly back-search old posts and content has quickly been eclipsed by the fact that Facebook have dropped Bing from their search bar… Bing, a competitor of Google and Yahoo search engines will have been dealt a massive blow by Facebook this week. Mark Zuckerberg has…

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poodle,cyber breach,ecommerce upgrade

Https Websites: Avoid eCommerce Security breach

Published 4 years ago December 12th, 2014

Websites using HTPPS need to ensure they are no longer running the out-of-date and no longer secure SSL 3.0 certificate to avoid an eCommerce cyber attack dubbed ‘Poodle’… “Of course it goes without saying that all AGENT Digital Ecommerce Clients that are on AGENT Digital’s Ecommerce Hosting Plans are covered for this Update.” News that…

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AGENT Digital, Mug For Mugs, Christmas Competition

Competition: Another Christmas prize up for grabs!

Published 4 years ago December 12th, 2014

To celebrate the Christmas season, AGENT Digital are giving away another prize to another lucky winner this week… Mugs for Mugs Competition: To enter visit our Facebook page  and tell us who the famous actors from some of our favourite Christmas movies in these photos are. To enter the draw, you must get all four celebrities correct. So, happy…

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mobile marketing, digital marketing strategy,mobile advertising growth

Mobile marketing projected to boom

Published 4 years ago December 10th, 2014

The vast majority of increased spending on mobile advertising is set to be spent on mobile devices up to 2018 and beyond according to new projections from eMarketer, having implications for eCommerce … Last week, AGENT Digital brought you the news that mobile spending surpassed PC sales over the Thanksgiving holiday period for the first…

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Do’s & Don’ts of good quality content that improves SEO

Published 4 years ago December 8th, 2014

“Content is King” – this is something we often repeat here at AGENT Digital and something we always tell our clients and partners. The best way to rank up the pages of Google’s search engines (Search Engine Optimisation) is by creating good, quality content that provides visitors to your site with some use or other….

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