Month: February 2015

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Friday Flashback – Wall’s Cornetto

Published 4 years ago February 27th, 2015

Todays Friday Flashback comes from ice cream dessert Cornetto from Wall’s. The ad comes from 1979 which makes the advert over 35 years old! The song became famous and synonymous with the advert and was changed around a couple of times for different adverts. This particular one depicts the story of two people on gondolas…

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Google’s Latest Move In ‘Mobile Payments’ Game

Published 4 years ago February 25th, 2015

Having already released Google Wallet, the company has decided to spend more time in trying to dominate the field which could change e-commerce quite a bit. Google will face plenty of competition both forthcoming and previous. Apple have already released Apple Pay which has been around for a while. Apple Pay has begun to receive…

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YouTube Launch YouTube Kids + Music Key

Published 4 years ago February 23rd, 2015

Today, on the 23rd of February, YouTube will release its new kid friendly service ‘YouTube Kids’ and also released more details on its upcoming ‘Music Key’ service. This change shows how important tailoring your website for your customers is. Youtube is a video sharing service that allows users to upload and share video and audio…

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Friday Flashback, Lyons TV, Friday Flashback Lyons TV

Friday Flashback – Lyons Tea

Published 4 years ago February 20th, 2015

Today’s Friday Flashback comes from popular Tea producer Lyons. The ad is almost 30 years old, being first broadcast back in 1986 on Irish TV. The ad shows some differences from what Lyons ads are known for today but the main focus is still on the Tea. Enjoy this 30 second clip and from all the…

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Facebook to Produce Virtual Reality Versions of Its Apps

Published 4 years ago February 18th, 2015

Facebook have revealed they’re going to design existing apps that will be able to feature and run on their virtual reality headset the Oculus VR. In the most recent interview, Chris Cox who is the head of product at Facebook revealed that there is plans and work to be done that will see previous apps…

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Pancake Tuesday at AGENT Digital 2015

Published 4 years ago February 17th, 2015

Today at AGENT Digital  the whole team took a break from Digital Marketing to enjoy the tasty Pancakes we prepared in celebration of Pancake Tuesday 2015. The tradition which is rarely on the same day each year is a celebration that marks the start of Lent where the ritual of sacrificing something we love for…

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New Foursquare Terms Will Attract Millions of New Users

Published 4 years ago February 16th, 2015

Foursquare, the local search and discovery app, has completely changed its start-up terms. It has completely stepped away from the original foundations which shows just how important design is to growth. Foursquare started as an app that allowed users to show what places they visited and also allowed them to see what places their friends…

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Flashback Friday – Kellogg’s Rice Krispies

Published 4 years ago February 13th, 2015

We here at AGENT Digital are delighted to bring you this weeks Friday Flashback from popular cereal brand Kellogg’s and even more specifically Rice Krispies. The brand that spun the popular phrase Snap, Crackle & Pop along with their specific characters debuted this add back in 1991 making it almost 25 years old. Wishing you…

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shannon power website

AGENT Digital Launch New Shannon Power Management Website!

Published 4 years ago February 12th, 2015

AGENT Digital is delighted to announce the launch of the Shannon Power Management (SPM) Mobile Responsive Website. You can view the Shannon Power Managment Website on It is a fantastic experience to be the Digital Partner for SPM a proven leader in the power sector. Established in Ireland over a decade ago SPM was born of the desire…

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Facebook Update Buy & Sell Groups

Published 4 years ago February 11th, 2015

Facebook have just announced that a new feature is to be added to the widely popular Buy & Sell Group Pages. Signalling the companies further investment into e-commerce. The Update The new feature consists of a new ‘Sell’ option being present at the top of the page. This option will only be present in specific…

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