Month: March 2015

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The Facebook Purge Cost Pages Millions of Likes

Published 4 years ago March 30th, 2015

Facebook have finally completed their mission in getting rid of inactive Facebook accounts which have in turn slashed some popular artists, TV shows + Movies and brands official Page Like statistics. This gives a better representation of popularity to marketers and will help for more effective branding and e-commerce. At the start of this month (March)…

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Friday Flashback – Nestlé Lion Bar

Published 4 years ago March 27th, 2015

This week at AGENT Digital we are happy to bring back this solid gem from Nestlé’s very popular bar ‘The Lion Bar’  The ad premiered on to our screens all the way back in 1991 making it nearly 25 years since it was in circulation. The song played in the background was very popular, see…

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Spotify Rival Tidal Secures Missing Artists

Published 4 years ago March 25th, 2015

Previously this week we reported on Twitter’s new deal with music subscription service Rhapsody. Keeping on the note of music subscription services, Tidal has just announced plans to become one of the biggest in the field. The service which is coming to mainland Europe cities in the coming week is already popular within some territories….

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Twitter Launch Direct Music Streaming Service

Published 4 years ago March 23rd, 2015

Recently social media giant Twitter partnered with the music streaming provider Rhapsody to provide a new streaming service that was a brilliant marketing design by the music service to improve its popularity and availability of e-commerce options.   What is Rhapsody? Rhapsody was the earliest online on-demand streaming service for music that proposed the idea…

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Friday Flashback – Jaffa Cakes Solar Eclipse

Published 4 years ago March 20th, 2015

This week, to tie in with the solar eclipse over Ireland, we at AGENT Digital remembered an advert that would suit perfectly to the event. This advert comes from biscuit providers Jaffa Cake. The advert became popular with everybody who would recite the words while they ate a Jaffa Cake. Have a watch of this…

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Microsoft is Replacing Internet Explorer

Published 4 years ago March 18th, 2015

Microsoft are constantly improving design and with the scheduled release of Windows 10 on the horizon, Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer announced very recently that it would be replacing one of the worlds first web browsers Internet Explorer. Chief Marketer for Microsoft Chris Copossela has announced that Windows ten will feature a new web browser, currently…

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Apple’s Research Kit Proves Successful

Published 4 years ago March 16th, 2015

Apple have had a sharp focus on health and fitness for a while and have always entertained with the idea but now the multinational corporation is pushing its newest app ‘Research Kit’ around all of its products with an impressive design. The company have announced that is updating some guideline for apps on its App…

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Friday Flashback – Pat The Baker

Published 4 years ago March 13th, 2015

This weeks at AGENT Digital our choice for Friday Flashback comes courtesy of one of the most popular Irish bread providers Pat The Baker. This advert was broadcasted all around the country from 1980 to 2002 and grew to become one of the most popular and recognisable. The adverts most important feature was the catch…

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We are Looking for a Digital Account Manager

Published 4 years ago March 12th, 2015

Due to the expansion of AGENT Digital and increasing number of clients we are looking for a driven Digital Account Manager to join our team! Position: Digital Account Manager *This role is a full time permanent role. Availability: Immediate start Location: Limerick The Role: We’re looking for a Bright & Confident Digital Account Manager, with strong digital marketing & Web Management…

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Facebook Allow Marketers to Gain Information From Your Posts!

Published 4 years ago March 11th, 2015

Facebook is the worlds biggest social media platform with over one billion monthly users which is larger than any other. This has caused the site to become one of the most popular places for brands to gather information for its products. Facebook have just launched a a new service allowing its Topic Data to be…

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