Month: April 2015

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Messenger Introduces Video Calls

Published 4 years ago April 29th, 2015

Facebook’s very successful messenger service has just launched a new update to include Video calling from one user to the other. This is veer useful and has been applauded in both design and availability. The service will launch on both iOS and Android which is a welcomed move from the app as most launches roll…

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Twitter Highlights – Don’t Miss a Thing

Published 4 years ago April 27th, 2015

Twitter have announced its latest plan into giving users what they want to see with the launch of ‘Highlights’. The service is impressive in both design and the features. This feature comes after Twitter released its feature in removing what it deemed to be an abusive tweet from the user’s home feed. This is now implemented…

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Flashback Friday – Birdseye Waffles

Published 4 years ago April 24th, 2015

Today’s Friday Flashback is from Birdseye. More specifically Birdseye Waffles. The popular food has been around for years and one of the most important brands belongs to Birdseye.   Enjoy the advert that came from the 80’s and its terrible puns.

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Whats App Update for iOS + 800 million MAU’s

Published 4 years ago April 22nd, 2015

The messaging service, WhatsApp, has become synonymous with smartphone messaging in Europe and the U.S. over recent years. It has now ventured into the calling side of things with its latest update. This post will highlight its newest design while also looking at a milestone the company reached earlier this week. The idea is the…

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oPhone – iTunes of Scent

Published 4 years ago April 20th, 2015

David Edwards, co creator of the oPhone, has described his latest design as the future of entertainment. It will encompass the scent that has been lacking from all forms of media which is smell, one of our 5 senses. The idea came to Edwards a few years back and he has been pushing his product…

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Friday Flashback – Weetabix

Published 4 years ago April 17th, 2015

With the weather being so great this week and forecast looking even greater we decided to pick a fun one for this weeks Friday Flashback. It comes from breakfast provider Weetabix. The ad was shown originally in the 80’s and incorporates the very popular characters of Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. From the team here…

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Instagram Accommodate for e-Commerce

Published 4 years ago April 15th, 2015

As of late, the picture messaging app known as Instagram has become more adapt to becoming an fully fledged e-Commerce integrated website. This was further proved when the app allowed brands to link to their website. The service, which was bought by Facebook in 2012 for $1,000,000,000, first dipped into the e-Commerce market last year…

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Snapchat To Replace Instagram?

Published 4 years ago April 13th, 2015

Last week saw the start of the popular music festival Coachella in America. One of the biggest and most popular festivals not only in terms of people who attend but also on Social Media and this year specifically, Snapchat. They have completely tailored the picture messaging app for the weekend. It’s story feature had a…

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AGENT Digital Celebrate Their 1,000th Blog Post!

Published 4 years ago April 10th, 2015

Today AGENT Digital celebrate our 1,000th BLOG POST Milestone! It has been a fantastic experience to date delivering our clients the latest breaking news in Digital to our clients, followers and supporters since 2007! To celebrate this milestone we will be drawing ONE winner of a Limited Edition AGENT Digital Mug from those who share this blog post through their Linkedin profile! (Sounds…

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No More Ads on YouTube – For A Monthly Fee

Published 4 years ago April 9th, 2015

Previously we reported on Video Sharing service YouTube premiering a new subscription service in the name of Youtube Music Key. Well they have just followed that up with the new option of turning your normal YouTube website into a subscription service to remove all those ads. Whats the Deal The service will cost $10.00 in…

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