Month: March 2016

Best WordPress News Themes

7 of the Best WordPress News Themes

Published 6 years ago March 29th, 2016

If you have a news or magazine WordPress website, a unique aesthetic will make it stand out from the many other internet news sites. The easiest way to develop a stylish looking WordPress site is to start off with a great theme that suits your site’s function. We at AGENT Digital collected some of our…

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Friday Viral

Friday Viral: Ireland V. England Heineken Ad

Published 6 years ago March 25th, 2016

Although Irish Rugby isn’t doing too well at the moment, our Friday Viral this week will give your national pride a boost. The latest ad for Heineken, produced by Rothco Ireland, shows Ireland and England fans coming together for some pub singing. The rival fans are frosty towards each other at the beginning of the…

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Tabs in WordPress

Top 7 Plugins for Adding Tabs in WordPress

Published 6 years ago March 22nd, 2016

Tabs can transform your website, as they break up your content into easy to read sections for your readers, making your whole site more accessible. If you have long posts that aren’t getting the traction you’d expected, maybe tabbing your content is the answer! To make creating tabs easier, there are many great plugins which…

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Friday Viral

Friday Viral: Michael Phelps Under Armour

Published 6 years ago March 18th, 2016

Our Friday Viral pick this week is Under Armour’s new advertising campaign featuring American olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. The Under Armour commercial, produced by Droga5, shows just how far Michael Phelps is willing to push himself in order to succeed in the upcoming Rio 2016 games. His gruelling training regime involves early morning wake up…

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Best Pet WordPress Themes

7 Best Pet WordPress Themes

Published 6 years ago March 15th, 2016

Our furry friends are a huge part of our lives, and many businesses have capitalised on this deep connection people have with their pets. If you’re one such business, looking to improve your WordPress website, then WordPress animal themes is a great place to start. Your theme can completely overhaul your site, leading to a…

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Friday Viral

Friday Viral: GHOSTBUSTERS Trailer

Published 6 years ago March 11th, 2016

Our Friday Viral this week features a long-awaited remake of a classic film, Ghostbusters! The new Ghostbusters movie, due for release this July, will be directed by Paul Feig and will have an all-female Ghostbusters crew featuring Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon. The trailer includes all the ghosts, slime and jumpsuits…

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Responsive Plugins

Top 7 WordPress Mobile Responsive Plugins

Published 6 years ago March 8th, 2016

In today’s digital climate, it’s completely necessary to have a mobile responsive site. There are more users than ever using a mobile device as their main internet tool and Google has responded by making it nearly impossible for non-responsive sites to have good SEO. Making your WordPress site mobile responsive doesn’t have to be hard…

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Friday Viral

Friday Viral: Unpacking Samsung Ad

Published 6 years ago March 4th, 2016

Our Friday Viral video this week comes from Samsung, who’ve released an ad that pays tribute to their heritage while simultaneously referencing the popular YouTube unboxing videos. The new Samsung Commercial, entitled “Unpacking Samsung”, features Samsung’s groundbreaking technology from the SH-100 mobile phone of 1988 to 2015’s Gear S2 smart watch.

Building WordPress Themes

Top 7 Construction and Building WordPress Themes

Published 6 years ago March 1st, 2016

WordPress is the perfect platform for creating a website for a construction company. There are loads of brilliant building WordPress themes to ensure your site represents your business well. Themes or templates are an easy way to begin the process of website building and they can assist you in staying industry-appropriate. Here’s a list from…

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