Month: May 2017

cyber security tips

6 Cyber Security Tips to Protect your Business from Ransomware

Published 2 years ago May 16th, 2017

As we move towards GDPR and an era of unprecedented responsibility for online security, revising fundamental cyber security tips has become essential: for there was never a more dramatic illustration of the vulnerability of many firms and data gathering organisations to malware than the massive WannaCry ransomware attack of 2017. True, the attacks bore the…

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what is gdpr

What is GDPR? Web security issues to move centre stage for Irish firms

Published 2 years ago May 2nd, 2017

Website security issues are likely to dominate the agenda of Irish businesses for the rest of the year as more and more organisations across the State come to terms with the key question: What is GDPR? The clock is ticking for those unfamiliar with GDPR. So, the shortest answer is that GDPR is legislation ushering in a…

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