Month: July 2018

ecommerce solutions

3 eCommerce Solutions for Businesses

Published 9 months ago July 25th, 2018

Although technology continues to dominate and impinge further into the business world and business-customer relations and transactions, eCommerce remains a tricky subject for many small business owners. Finding the right eCommerce solutions and getting the best website design for SMEs can be extremely tough given the all-consuming nature of getting a business off the ground…

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shareable content

3 Tips for Making Content Shareable

Published 9 months ago July 11th, 2018

Content is a pretty big deal in terms of digital marketing. It is what people find through searches on Google, what people share on social media from your site, and what, ultimately, leads to increased sales. That being said, you can’t just throw a post or a video onto Facebook or Twitter, and expect tonnes…

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