eCommerce Design – 3 Key Tips for Business Websites

eCommerce Design – 3 Key Tips for Business Websites

Last Updated: February 25, 2019

As much as people may like to deny it, people tend to judge things based on how they look. This is counterintuitive stuff, when we’re often told never to judge a book by its cover. But when devising your eCommerce design, it’s an essential fact to acknowledge. It’s the only way that you’ll make your website act as a business traffic magnet.

When it comes to making a purchase on an eCommerce site, well, you’ve guessed it. People tend to judge things by their appearance. Although this is a tendency rather than a hard and fast rule, it cannot be ignored in eCommerce Design. You’ve got to think visual, regardless of the many other ways we can use to attract people to our websites.

So think visual, at all time. You may want to hook potential customers with your general business offering. You may want them to investigate specific products. Whatever the case, visual is a central, if not most vital, eCommerce design component when it comes to eSales.


eCommerce Design Tips for 2018

We will look at this below, through the prism of the 3 most important eCommerce Design tips for your business website.

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eCommerce Design Tip 1 – Keep It Simple

Good design should not be taken to mean elaborate design. Although sometimes elaborate is appropriate, it is a proven fact that elegance is a much more important eCommerce design ethos. It will almost inevitably yield more successful results than more elaborate approaches, which often lead to sites that are cluttered, and over-saturated with information. Web designers are best qualified to help you to create the best possible website experience for customers. Before going to an agency for their help with your website, keep in mind what you want on your site.


eCommerce Design Tip 2 – Adopt Best Practices

When it comes to researching best practice, there is no substitute for researching the most popular brand websites in order to see what’s working. Spot the best practices and consider adopting them to your own site. The reason they have so many features in common could be because they are operating for optimal results, and so should you.


eCommerce Design Tip 3 – Logos

Logos are a vitally important factor of any online business. There are a number of details to consider while designing or redesigning your company’s logo. Keep your logo horizontal for a start, as they work better on most websites. Keep the design as simple as possible, and avoid the use of photos.


eCommerce Design Infographic

It always pays to keep apace with the trends in eCommerce and website design. Here is an infographic from 2014 on the eCommerce trends that were sweeping website design at that point. It remains extremely relevant to this day. It is also a useful foundation and starting point for engaging in your own eCommerce research.

ECommerce Design Trends in 2014

Download this infographic.

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