3 Tips For Effective Digital Coupon Marketing

3 Tips For Effective Digital Coupon Marketing

Last Updated: November 1, 2019

The principal thing to remember when devising a digital coupon marketing strategy is that customers are increasingly unwilling to carry slips of paper and hard-copy vouchers around when they have a perfectly good smartphone that can more efficiently and safely take care of these things. Your business can take advantage of the digital demand when it embrace digital and offer value savings at the same time.

It is true that hard copy voucher collection and redemption retains a popular appeal, as can be seen in the UK in recent years, for example. There were 18m newspaper subscription coupons redeemed in 2013, and this figure rose by a whopping 2m over the next two years to just over 20m. However, there is no denying how the growth of digital coupon marketing has left even such impressive numbers in the dust.

As retailers began to take advantage of the potential of mobile digital technology such as smartphones, the 20m vouchers clipped from newspapers and redeemed in 2014 were part of an enormous redemption total of 688m—which itself had soared from the previous year’s total of 604m.



Here are three of the best ideas to help maximise the effectiveness of your digital coupon marketing campaign efforts.

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1. Integrate with Email

Convince customers to sign up for e-mail updates about specials and discounts. This will increase the odds that they’ll return to your location. Coupons can be given through the same system, with a barcode incorporated to the email that can be scanned at your store through the email-holder’s smartphone. This would help your customer avoid printing out physical coupons to bring in.


2. Encourage Sharing

Digital coupons should have one-click social media share buttons so that customers can get their word out to as many people as easily as possible. If the deal is a good one, you might win new customers who will sign up for coupons themselves, and share those in turn.


3. Use Text Messaging

A good example of how to use text messaging is a restaurant chain offering free desert to customers who texted a code to a certain phone number. For the dessert price, the business could send that number texts with special offers now and again. To avoid annoying your customers, you should keep text offers to a minimum, and give them a clear way to cancel the service. Let your customers know that they will be receiving special offers when showing these texts to the restaurant, and make it an exclusive privilege to those who have signed up.


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