5 Cookie Consent Extensions for Magento

5 Cookie Consent Extensions for Magento

Last Updated: December 1, 2020

Once you have your Magento website up and running you may start looking into EU Cookie laws and how you can be sure your website isn’t in breach of any, making use of some of the Cookie Consent Extensions for Magento is a very simple way of ensuring that your website is compliant with these laws. We here at AGENT Digital put together this list of “5 Cookie Consent Extensions for Magento” to help you choose an extension that you are happy with. Follow us on all our Social media pages for more posts like this one.


1. “Cookie script” Magento Cookie Policy Banner

This Cookie Policy Banner is an easy way to be sure that your website is compliant with the European cookie laws. It allows you to make your own cookie information popup with a very simple user interface. It has four base styles to choose from. This Extension allows you to make changes to your notification banner at any time you like and it will be applied instantly. It is compatible to work on all the leading browser and requires no programming skill whatsoever.

1. Cookie Script Cookie Consent Extensions for Magento

1. Cookie Script

2. “Creare EU Cookie Law Banner” Cookie Magento Extension

Creare EU Cookie Law Banner is overall a very user friendly extension, it enables you to place an Cookie Policy Banner onto your website to inform your users that you use cookies. The Banner Text and Links are fully interchangeable in the Magento Administration area allowing you to display the message in your own style.

2. Creare EU Cookie Law Banner Cookie Consent Extensions for Magento

2. Creare EU Cookie Law Banner

3. “EU Cookie Compliance” Magento Cookie Extension

This Magento Cookie Policy Banner automatically shows a clear but non invasive notification banner to your visitors upon arrival, this guarantees that your website is compliant with EU cookie laws. EU Cookie Compliance works on the basis of “implied consent” meaning anybody who doesn’t disable cookies is giving consent to use cookies.

3. EU Cookie Compliance  Cookie Consent Extensions for Magento

3. EU Cookie Compliance

4. “EU Cookie Law Compliance” Cookie Policy Banner for Magento

This Cookies Consent Extensions for Magento only works in cooperation with Google Analytics. EU Cookie Law Compliance helps you comply with the EU Cookie laws by displaying a pop-up window displaying the information about the cookies your website uses along with an “allow Cookies” button and a “Refuse Cookies” button.

4. EU Cookie Law Compliance Cookie Consent Extensions for Magento

4. EU Cookie Law Compliance

5. “EU Cookie Alert Magento Extension” Cookies Consent Extensions for Magento

This extension is a user friendly addition to your website, it has five different styles to choose from, a range of color schemes, compatible with all modern browsers and is also supported by iPad and iPhone. It displays a pop up Cookie notification banner that will link your users to information pages on the cookies used by your website if users continue without disabling cookies implied consent is given.

5. EU Cookie Alert Magento Extension

5. EU Cookie Alert Magento Extension





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