5 Drupal Rating Modules

5 Drupal Rating Modules

Last Updated: December 1, 2020

Allowing your Users to give feed back in the form of ratings and reviews is a great way for your online website to gain some credibility from user testimonials which you can display on your website. We here at AGENT Digital compiled this list of “5 Drupal Rating Modules” so you can find the module that best fits your website. Be sure to follow our Social media pages for more posts like this one.

1. “Rate” Drupal Rating Module

This module provides flexible voting widgets for nodes and comments which allows your users to give their feedback. This module has up to 8 different modules to choose from each will gather slightly different types of feedback. This module is a great way to receive user feedback without hindering the user experience on your website.

1. rate

1. Rate


2. “NodeReview” Drupal Review Module

This module adds user reviews to specified node types, It also demonstrates a simple and easy way to have nodes whose content are dependent on a related node, and cannot be created otherwise. It allows you to decide on a max rating between 1- 100 in order to get a more specific rating from your users.


3. “Fivestar” Drupal Rating Modules.

The Fivestar voting module adds a clean, attractive voting widget to nodes and comments and any entity. This module supports annonymous voters so you can get feedback from your non-registered users aswell as members. It has a number of different styles for you to find the one that best suits your site.

3. fivestar

3. fivestar



4. “Star Rating” Drupal Review

Star Rating is a simple module that provides star rating field and display formatter using Drupal 7’s Field Type API. It is highly customizable and has a wide range of different icon you can choose to display, there are 128 different looks that this module can show ensuring that you find a display that matches your website.

4. Star rating Drupal Rating Modules

4. Star rating


5. “Reviews” Drupal Reviews

This module allows authenticated users to leave reviews on site content. It is very simple to install and is very userfriendly. This is a great Module for people with very little experience with working websites.

5. Reviews

5. Reviews



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