6 Drupal Login Modules

6 Drupal Login Modules

Last Updated: December 1, 2020

A login page is often one of the first thing people see on a website. Adding a Login Module can make it easy for you to allow members to sign into your website. We here at AGENT Digital put together this list of “6 Drupal Login Modules” to help you find a plugin that suits your website.

1. “Better Login” Drupal Login Page

Better Login is a Drupal Login Module that allows you to forget about styling your Login forms. The module uses three page templates to edit the style of your forms. Better login is a very user friendly module with simple setups, you simply install the module and it starts working automatically.

1. Better Login Drupal Login Modules

1. Better Login

2. “Super Login” Drupal Login Modules

Super Login is a module that improves the default drupal login page by allowing you to change the Layout of your login for to make it more user friendly. It offers your users the option to sign in with either their username or email address. It also adds helper icons to give your users a more visual guide.

2. Super Login

2. Super Login

3. “Fancy Login” Drupal Secure Login

Fancy Login is a Module that implements a popup login form to your website. The module uses a javascript based lightbox style Functionality. When the Login popup appears on your page, Fancy login will dim the surrounding parts of the screen so that your login form is the focus of your website.

3. Fancy Login Drupal Login Modules

3. Fancy Login

4. “Secure Login” Drupal Login

Secure Login is intended for sites that want to offer anonymous sessions via HTTP or HTTPS and authenticated sessions only via HTTPS. Secure Login module enables the user login and other forms to be submitted securely on your website via HTTPS. This prevents your users passwords and other private user information and data from being transmitted in clear text.

4. Secure Login Drupal Login Modules

4. Secure Login

5. “Login Destination” Drupal Login Redirect

The Login Destination module allows you to customize and decide on the destination that your users are redirected to after they log in or register to the site. This allows you to decide on potential pathways on your website which mean you can direct you users to specific pieces of content.

5. Login Destination

5. Login Destination

6. “Ajax Login/Register” Drupal Login Modules

ThisAjax Login/Register module provides a smooth way for the user to login, register and request new password using AJAX at any Drupal site. When the user clicks on Login or register the requested form appears in a nice ajax popup, giving your drupal website a proffesional look and feel.



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