5 Advertisement Modules for Drupal

5 Advertisement Modules for Drupal

Last Updated: November 1, 2019

When your Drupal website is all set up and getting a lot of traffic you could start making some income from your site by adding Advertisement Modules for Drupal. We here at AGENT Digital put together this list of “” to help you find a module that is best suited to your website. Don’t forget to follow us on all our social media pages for more posts like this one


1. “Rotor Banner” Drupal Ads

This Drupal ads module is a useful module that allows you to insert blocks with rotating content this is great for advertising or even to highlight information. It has twenty five transition effects so that you can catch your users attention. Rotor Banner also gives you the option for “pause on hover” which will stop the ads from rotating when the mouse hovers over it.

1. Rotor Banner Advertisement Modules for Drupal

1. Rotor Banner

2. “Curlypage” Drupal Ads Module

This Cross browser Drupal Advertising Module allows you to put Drupal Ads into your website in a non-intrusive style it hides the advert behind your page to be revealed by the page peeling back when your users hover their mouse over the corner of your website. This module is a great module to use that wont negatively effect your visitors experience on your website.

2. curlypage Advertisement Modules for Drupal

2. Curlypage

3. “Classified Ads” Drupal Advertising Module

Classified Ads is a very user friendly Drupal Advertisement module that allows you to easily implement ads onto your website. It gives automatic notices to you about the current status of your ads and weather or not they are close to expiring.

3. Classified Ads Advertisement Modules for Drupal

3. Classified Ads

4.”Ad manager” Advertisement Modules for Drupal

This Drupal Ads module allows you to manage ads from different providers on websites it has been installed on using a single interface. It supports providers like Google Publisher Tags and Adsense Custom Search Ads. This user friendly module makes it easy to insert ads without much experience.

4. AdManager Advertisement Modules for Drupal

4. AdManager

5. “SimpleAds” Ads Module for Drupal

This module for Drupal Ads allows you to add graphical, text and flash ads in configurable blocks. It keeps track and records any valuable ad statistics. This module has a wide range of features including, User-friendly ad scheduler that makes it very easy to schedule ad activation and expiration.

5. simple ads Advertisement Modules for Drupal

5. simple ads




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