7 WordPress Images Plugins

7 WordPress Images Plugins

Last Updated: September 1, 2020

While you’re setting up your website or blog, you might want to include images or slideshows. Certain WordPress Plugins are tailored specifically to help you get the most out of your images. We here at AGENT Digital have put together “7 WordPress Images Plugins” to help you find what plugins are available to help your images stand out. Be sure to follow AGENT Digital on all our social media for other posts just like this.

1. “WP Canvas Gallery” Image Plugin WordPress

WP Canvas Gallery is an Image Plugin for WordPress that allows you to set up image galleries and display them in a number of formats. If you prefer it in a tiled, mosaic style or a plain block gallery this plugin offers either with or without captions. This plugin has great customisation options. It also offers the option to display your gallery with Carousel or a slider that allows your users to easily scroll through your gallery of images. With easy installation this plugin is a simple way to improve the look of you website.

1. WP Canvas Gallery Image Plugin WordPress

1. WP Canvas Gallery

2. “Photo Gallery” Image Plugin for WordPress

A useful WordPress Plugin for images is Photo Gallery. This is a great gallery plugin, that has in-depth customization that allows you to make a gallery unique to your website. With a range of image transition animations this Image Plugin WordPress makes it easy to set up a nice slideshow for you to display your images on your website. Photo Gallery also gives the users an option to share your image on their social media pages by having share buttons being displayed on the bottom of the slideshow. This plugin is great for any site that strongly depends on images and visuals.

3. “NextGen Gallery” Images Plugin WordPress

NextGen Gallery is a popular Image Plugin for WordPress which provides a powerful engine that allows you to upload and manage photo Galleries. This Image Plugin for WordPress allows you to batch upload and import you media. It gives you the ability to delete, rearrange the order and edit the thumbnails of your images. This WordPress Plugin for Images allows you to have a gallery that you still have full control of that has the potential to look great.

3. NextGen Gallery Images Plugin WordPress

3. NextGen Gallery

4. “Huge IT Gallery” WordPress Plugin for images

This Images Plugin WordPress is a very simple plugin that allows you to choose between five different styles of Gallery. Each gallery offers different perks, some have the images and their description, some have just the image itself to be clicked for some more information and others just shows thumbnails of your gallery. This WordPress Images Plugins also allows you to insert videos to your slideshows and galleries. This plugin is a very good-looking Image Plugin for WordPress that fits seamlessly into your website.

5. “Gallery by BestWebSoft” Images Plugin WordPress

Gallery by BestWebSoft is a WordPress Plugin for Images that makes it easy for you to implement an unlimited number of galleries into your blog or website. This WordPress Image Plugin gives you the ability to set Gallery cover pictures, change the size of image/gallery thumbnail and enable slideshows for your content images. You can also give each of your images descriptions to be displayed on the selection of your image making it a great plugin to give your images that extra bit of context.

5. Gallery by BestWebSoft Images Plugin WordPress

5. Gallery by BestWebSoft

6. “Simple Lightbox” WordPress Images Plugins

This Image Plugin for WordPress needs you to do no additional coding on your end. It has different themes and automatic image resizing to help you fit the galleries into the design of your website. This Plugin is also mobile responsive so your galleries can be viewed on the go. Your galleries can have full captions and descriptions with this Image Plugin WordPress. You can also insert links on your images to take you to other websites of your choice.

6. Simple LightBox WordPress Images Plugins

6. Simple LightBox

7. “Share Prints” Image Plugin WordPress

This simple to use WordPress Images Plugin offers a range of fully responsive very interactive galleries, with live commenting your users can interact with you and your content. Share Prints supplies a wide verity of themes and styles such as the popular slider and masonry galleries and much more. This plugin also implements share buttons so people looking at your gallery can share links to your image on their social media pages.


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