Adobe Creative Day Marketing Campaign

Adobe Creative Day Marketing Campaign

Last Updated: June 20, 2013

Adobe is soon to be hosting its Adobe Creative Day. To get people talking about the event, they started a creative marketing campaign centred around one of their strongest products, Photoshop. In a van outside of a busstop, a Photoshop professional lurked with a camera and took pictures of those waiting for public transport. He then went to his computer, altered the images, and they were displayed in the poster slot at the busstop to the patient civilians’ shock and surprise.

A minute or so past that, a message promoting the creative day with its hashtag came onto the screen, ensuring that people would not only see the message, but also remember it and tell their friends. By adding that personal touch to the marketing campaign, Adobe managed to truly touch these people in a more fundamental way. The video below is a summary of the campaign, and lucky for them, it just happen to go viral.


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