CNN Website Redesign

CNN Website Redesign

Last Updated: August 19, 2013

CNN reportedly invested in a new redesign of its news website. The website development of the well known network has incorporated a new and invigorated approach to its mobile and tablet view. Estenson, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of, said,”Mobile growth [is] off the chart.” Estenson admitted that the current version of the website does not offer the best user experience, an assured that this redone web design will solve that issue.


The web design will focus their efforts on ‘Big pictures and big headlines’, so said Zucker, CNN President. They aim to have a more natural and changing colour tone so that the time of the day and the headline news and images take the main page, the whole web design will have a different ‘vibe’ so to speak. There will also be more levels of personalisation to the page in the future, including an improved tagging system for particular stories. “We are heading towards a world with more personalisation, this is youCNN.” said Estenson.


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