COVID-19: 6 Essential Actions For The Irish Legal Sector

COVID-19: 6 Essential Actions For The Irish Legal Sector

Last Updated: December 1, 2020

First and foremost all the team at AGENT Digital wish all clients and their families the best during these unprecedented times.

As the world joins forces to contain the current COVID-19 crisis, the Legal Sector is concerned with the impact that events may have on their Law Firm and the relationship with their clients. Law Firms need to continue to service their clients, and need to maintain a presence online so they can return to growth as soon as they can after the crisis lifts.

This is a time for Law firms to be innovative to serve client’s needs today as well as provide momentum for when this current crisis passes in the coming months.

There will be an unprecedented amount of the public online during the coming weeks due to the Coronavirus crisis lockdown – It is now imperative that your Law Firm’s website is easily found online in the coming weeks.

Your Law Firms presence online have never been more crucial – Here are 6 Essential Actions to take for your Law Firm to respond to a COVID-19 Lockdown:




The action your Law Firm takes today during this time will define your practice when the crisis passes. Never forget that it is more important now than ever to push through and to innovate. Overall marketing budgets will inevitably be cut back, but stopping is not an option. Digital marketing should never be an afterthought for a Law Firm even in the most booming of economic times, but during this pandemic crisis, focusing on digital is now essential.

i) Innovate by enabling online remote meetings using software such as Skype.




Engaging with your clients online is in the best interest to your Law Firm at this time. Reach out to your clients to let them know how you are responding to the current situation and that you are there for them.

Highlight how your Law Firm in using innovation to continue to work with clients during these challenging times.

i) Create a social & blog post highlighting your Law Firm’s COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan.
ii) Create a post highlighting your Law Firm’s remote working plan so that you can continue to engage, service and support clients during this period.
Example: View the AGENT Digital’s COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan




In challenging times such as these, it may seem logical to trim your Firm’s expenditures where you can; unfortunately, targeted marketing is not where you want to do it.

As long as the internet is still accessible and ad-supported, you can reach clients and expect digital to drive targeted traffic and enquiries through your Law Firm’s website. Studies over many years have shown Firm’s who advertise during times of crisis can actually increase market share when the right approach is taken.

There will be an unprecedented amount of the public at home and online in the coming weeks and months – Focus your budget on a result driven PPC (Pay Per Click) Google Adwords Campaign during this time – the more eyes that see your Law Firm’s website, the more enquiries you will receive. Keep your visibility up by maintaining your monthly ad output.




Without the ability to physically meet clients and receive payments in person is problematic for the Legal Sector during this period. Now is the time to innovate by adding an Online Payment Terminal to your Law Firm’s website so that you can receive payments remotely online from any location for any amount instantly.

Example of Online Payment Terminal:




A situation such as a COVID-19 lockdown is the ideal opportunity to take the time to have a long hard look at your website; analyze its design, functionality and ease of use. Especially during a time as challenging as a crisis, clients need have the least amount of clutter in between the information they need and the services they’re looking for. Make your Law Firm’s website as streamlined and fast (load time) as possible.

i) Ensure your Firm’s website is loading in under 3 seconds
ii) Ensure your Firm’s website have an SSL Cert so that clients can view your website.
iii) Ensure your Firm’s website’s engine and plugins are up to date to avoid your website getting bugs / hacked during this time.
iv) Ensure your Firm’s call to actions (Contact Phone no. & Contact Email) are clear and visible.
v) Ensure your Firm’s website is 100% mobile responsive so that customers can view your website effectively through their mobile devices from their homes.




Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the driving force behind your Law Firm’s ability to be identified, categorised and ranked by search engines, such as Google. Focus your SEO strategy on achieving / maintaining your local search results. i.e. customers searching for your services / products locally. Local SEO has never been more important that during a crisis situation such as a COVID-19 lockdown as potential clients will have little options but to search locally over the coming weeks and months.

AGENT Digital is the Leading Digital Agency for the Ireland’s Legal Sector.


We are 100% operational during this COVID-19 Crisis and we are here to help you through this unprecedented time.

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AGENT Digital COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan

We know your digital business operations will be reliant on AGENT Digital providing you with reliable and uninterrupted service and with this in mind we would like to share with you the measures we are taking to ensure we are 100% operational.

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