eCommerce Mobile Trend for 2014

eCommerce Mobile Trend for 2014

Last Updated: December 11, 2013

eMarketer recently reported on predictions for the increase of mobile phones in the making of online purchases. In the US, sales through mobile on online stores are estimated to be at 19% in 2014, and will jump to 24% by 2018.Alternatively in the UK, 24% of online sales are accounted for by mobile phones in 2014, and may well rise to 35% by 2018.Tablets are another key area that will grow in the future.

A marketer, Nick Hodson, aptly said that ‘Smartphone use is more or less continuous. [It] doesn’t say anything about whether the use has anything to do with shopping, but it does mean that [it has] a large part of the consumer’s mind-share during that shopping mission. The shopping trip starts earlier and ends later than it used to.’



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