3D is the buzzword in global entertainment for 2010

3D is the buzzword in global entertainment for 2010

Last Updated: November 16, 2011

With the release of such films as the science fiction blockbuster Avatar, a 3D film by Titanic director James Cameron, The new buzzword for entertainment in 2010 seems to be “3D”.

South Korea’s Samsung has teamed up with DreamWorks Animation, maker of Shrek, Kung Fu Panda and other hit movies, and Technicolor in an effort to bring more 3D entertainment into the home.

Samsung, DreamWorks and Technicolor announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that they have formed a ‘global strategic alliance for the delivery of a complete 3D home entertainment solution in 2010’.

They said they were joining forces to ‘accelerate the worldwide deployment of in-home 3D to mainstream consumers.’

Samsung is one of a number of major electronics manufacturers displaying 3-D high-definition television sets at CES this year as the industry seeks to expand 3-D viewing beyond the movie screen and into the living room.
Growth of 3D has been slow because of a lack of programming, the need to wear special glasses and the higher prices of 3D sets, but the release of films such as Avatar has renewed interest in the medium.
US sports broadcaster ESPN announced that it will show some World Cup football matches live from South Africa in 3D and Japan’s Sony is partnering with Discovery and IMAX to launch a 24/7 3D TV network in the United States.

‘We’re forging the future of entertainment in what we like to call a new dimension,’ Tim Baxter, president of the consumer electronics division at Samsung Electronics America, said at a Samsung press conference.

He said Samsung, which came out with its first 3D HDTV in 2007, would be marketing a ‘complete 3D entertainment offering for the home’ featuring a 3D television set, 3D Blu-Ray player and ‘stylish active shutter 3-D glasses.’

‘3D has had a bumpy ride since the first 3-D film back in 1922,’ Baxter said.

3D tecnology will not only be limited to the in-home entertainment industry, Apple boss Steve Jobs will unveil the first Apple tablet this month , and it will come complete with 3D graphics.

Internet giants Google have released an experimental browser plugin that will make it possible to display rich 3D graphics in Web content. Google hopes that the plugin will stimulate discussion within the Web development community and contribute to a nascent effort headed by the Khronos group to bring 3D graphics to the Web.

It seems that this avalanche of 3D technology  is set to change the way we view the world.


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