Adobe ditches iPhone coding tools

Adobe ditches iPhone coding tools

Last Updated: November 16, 2011

The BBC Technology section today reported that

A keenly aniticipated CS5 and prospect of packaging Flash scripts to run as native iPhone apps seems to have evapourated entirely according to the BBC Technology site.

“In mid-April, Adobe released software called Creative Suite 5 that contained translation tools that automatically turn Flash code into programs that run on the iPhone.
Shortly before the release, Apple updated the terms and conditions of the license software developers must sign to create iPhone and iPad applications. The revisions prompted a lot of criticism from many iPhone developers.
The revised terms placed strict restrictions on what developers can use to create these applications and effectively banned them from using code translators such as Creative Suite 5.
At the time Adobe wrote that it still intended to deliver the translation tools. Now it has said it will halt development of future translation tools for Creative Suite.”




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