5 Tips for your Business’s Digital Marketing Strategy

5 Tips for your Business’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Last Updated: January 7, 2019

AGENT Digital brings you five digital marketing tips to keep in mind when conducting a digital marketing strategy in this week’s blog. There are also some interesting findings that all digital marketers should be aware of when communicating with their audience or customer base.



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1. The Top 10 Websites in the World:

The top 10 most visited sites in the world are Google, Facebook, Yahoo, MSN/WindowsLive/Bing, YouTube, Microsoft, AOL, Amazon, Wikipedia and Ask. Of these 10, only two (YouTube and Wikipedia) are content sites. With that in mind, can we say ‘content is king’? It may be viewed as more a case of usefulness is king. Knowing this, businesses should endeavour to provide a website that visitors find useful. Bear in mind also that even YouTube and Wikipedia provide an outlet for audience interaction. Ensure your customers can interact with you!


2. Email reaches more of your audience than Social Media:

Emails reach 21 percent of their target compared to organic Facebook campaigns that only gauge 6% successful reach. Do not neglect emailing your customers. Conversion rates from emails are also almost 5 times that of social media – 3.19% versus 0.71% respectively.


3. Mobile phone optimisation:

Businesses that are not mobile responsive lose 30% of the business from potential customers compared to that of websites which are optimised. Also, 66% of all emails are read from the mobile. So, even if you have a good emailing strategy but are not mobile responsive, you may be undoing some of the potential returns from conversion rates from emails to customers.


4. Apps:

86% of the time people spend on their smartphones is on their apps. Have you investigated whether advertising on apps could be useful? If you have an app, does it provide some functionality or is it a vehicle to drive the customer onto their web browser, which only accounts for 14% of your customers time on their smartphone?


5. SEO has best conversion rates:

Organic search provides the best way for new and existing customers to reach you at 45%. Conversion rates from SEO is 29%. The full list of types of digital reach and their conversion rates are set out below:

  1. SEO/Organic Search  |  45% – 29%
  2. Email Campaign  |  22% – 25%
  3. Paid Search  |  14% – 12%
  4. Social Media  |  5% – 6%
  5. Referral Sites | 5% – 6%
  6. Social Media Ad Placements  |  2% – 1%



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