6 practical Google optimisation tips

6 practical Google optimisation tips

Last Updated: December 19, 2018

The ongoing battle with competitors to place high on the Google rankings is better fought using these Google optimisation tips…

It has been proven beyond doubt time and again that placing high on Google’s rankings will generate more traffic to your website, gain your business more customers and you more revenue. Using these Google optimisation tips to get your webpage to place high on the rankings is something that should always be ongoing. To that end, AGENT Digital lays out six tips for you and your business while performing everyday maintenance on your webpage…

Keyword Research:

While not as prominent as it once was, all website optimisation nonetheless begins with keyword research. What words are you targeting, what words relate to your products/services (and to that of your competitors) and what words are popular.

Keyword Related Themes:

What words are related to your keywords? Are the words pet dogs related to Veterinary Clinic, for instance.

Write content that answers Questions:

For example, if you write content for a restaurant you may include in the content “This restaurant is located at 123 High St. This answers the question a potential client on Google might ask; “Where can i find a restaurant…”

Write natural language variations:

Google can nowadays tell by sifting through your website whether you are referring to a Labrodor dog or the Labrodor current off the east coast of Canada. Words associations such as dog breeds, pets, vets and so on let Google know the difference. When writing content use idioms and synonyms to your keywords.

Place your most important keyword content in the most important content box:

Google gives less weight to content in sidebars than it does to the header or body text, therefore make sure your content goes in the most prominent place.

Webpage Structure:

Structure your webpage correctly according to headers, footers, font variations, sidebars, content boxes and so on so that Google knows which content you give most prominence to


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